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14 May 2013

Lexigo game review

Lexigo is a head-to-head word game for iOS and Android made by Canadian developer Wiggles 3D Games.

It is a competitive word puzzle game where players compete to lay down the longest words they can. A player wins by laying down all of the tiles from their bank of letters.

Players spell words by tracing a path through a honeycomb grid of letters As players lay down more of the hexagon-shaped letter tiles the grid expands and there are more paths and possibilities to spell words.

Lexigo::By Wiggles 3D Lexigo::By Wiggles 3D Lexigo::By Wiggles 3D Lexigo::By Wiggles 3D Lexigo::By Wiggles 3D

Lexigo screenshots

There is a twist -- as you wind your way through the grid, the last letter of your word will be the first letter of the word you spell on your next turn! Watch the video for Lexigo if you want to get a good sense of the gameplay, look of the game and different features of Lexigo.

The game offers two modes - online and offline. Offline, you can pass your phone or tablet back and forth between players or even play against yourself. You can have up to 4 players and you can play a game with a 16 or 32 tile bank of letters.

Online, you can connect to your Facebook friends and go back and forth there. The controls for Lexigo are simple and straight forward. You drag your letter from your bank and into play and tap on the letter tiles you are using to spell your word.

If you make a mistake or change your mind about the word you are spelling you can easily deselect the incorrect letter and spell something else. Another feature is Lexigold - these are points you earn when laying down words.

The longer the words you lay down and the more you play, you can trade Lexigold for power-ups that will give you the upper hand in future games. You can also customize the look of your gameboard with cool colours and patterns for the grid.

Lexigo is a great challenge. You have to think ahead and make interesting choices with letters on the board and in your letter bank. If you like word games or strategy games then this is a good one for you.

One of the benefits is that it gives you a good mental workout but you can play very casually too. The game is very balanced, almost like it is a competitive as you want it to be between the players. Best of all - Lexigo is free in iTunes and the Google Play store.

Download this game if you like word games, puzzles, competitive games with friends, or if you enjoyed the back and forth nature of games like Draw Something.

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