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13 Nov 2013

Lightopus game review

One could definitely classify Lightopus as an arcade game. What is slightly genre bending about this title is the elements the developers focused on when they created it.

Item collection, indirect combat and especially the environments you find yourself in where all key features that a lot of effort was poured into. What’s incredibly important is that the game succeeds in addressing all those aspects, especially when referring to the graphics and visuals, they are incredible.

The successes they found in addressing these features are what helps the player to overlook the somewhat basic narrative, and allows for them to focus on the basic gameplay. 

You play as a deep sea creature called the Lightopus. As the name of it probably gave away, this creature is illuminated, and you have to direct it into small bubbles that contain your allies, named Bulbies.

Lightopus::by BULKYPIX Lightopus::by BULKYPIX Lightopus::by BULKYPIX Lightopus::by BULKYPIX Lightopus::by BULKYPIX

Lightopus screenshots

These little guys have a few benefits and will help you complete levels. With each Bulbie you collect, the speed of your Lightopus is increased, and you will need to collect a few to pass to the next level. They also can be used as little weapons against the enemies that are present.

The main challenge is to balance your Bulbies, so that you have enough to cross into the next level, while managing to protect yourself long enough to get there. It involves a tad of strategy. In each level there are powerup's and collectibles for the player to collect. If you were to collect enough of these special bonus levels that you can unlock and ultimately play. 

When playing the game there’s two different types of controls you can use, either the virtual joystick, or by taping and dragging on the screen, meaning that it can be made comfortable for just about anyone.

The controls fit into the game very well, and don’t obstruct game play as they usually do for many other iOS games. The graphics in this game are bright, and have a very neon, retro feel to them witch suits the game to at. 

It requires some serious strategy to complete this game. You have to adapt to not taking on the enemies head on, but instead you must learn to use the Bublies to take them out, all while keeping a sufficient number of them so that you can complete the level. It proves at times to be a difficult balance to constantly maintain.

You will quickly become accustomed to dodging enemies and hitting them with the trail of Bubblies that follow you through the level. If there was one aspect of the game that stands out above all else, it would be its presentation.

The levels are covered in neon colors, and the soundtrack of the game somehow seems to find a space in between relaxing songs and driving intense rhythms. The presentation of the game, combined with its somewhat unique style of play proved to the world that games of a different ilk can be created, and still be a blast to play. 

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