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Link a Word

28 Feb 2014

Link a Word game review

Remember how you used to play word chains when you were little?

That´s what gave rise to the idea for Link a word. It is a word puzzle that can be played by any person (of any age group) using an iPhone or Android Smartphone. Using the “New Game” button, you can start playing against your Facebook friends, random opponents, and people from your contact lists or search an opponent by their email/username.

You will challenge your friends and will be challenged by them to form words by linking letters at the end of their words but never retype the letters reused.

Link a Word::By Zed Worldwide Link a Word::By Zed Worldwide Link a Word::By Zed Worldwide Link a Word::By Zed Worldwide

Link a Word screenshots

Each letter has a score, and at the end of each turns the points of all the letters of your word will be added up to get the score of your turn. If you want to get extra points, just use the Super Letter!

There can be a Super Letter in each turn, and if you use it for your words you will receive an extra bonus. Sometimes, you might not be able to fit in the Super Letter into the word you have in mind, but don´t worry you can always change it using the pencils.

The same thing applies to the Forbidden Letter, a letter you cannot include in your words and which, meanly enough, will turn up just when you´ve got the perfect word in mind, but can be deleted with the help of an Eraser.

You will definitely enjoy the cute graphics of the Super Letter and the Forbidden Letter, and if you run out of pencils or erasers you can get more in the shop. Link a Word is a flexible game that you can play whenever and wherever it suits YOU best: At the bus stop, in a queue, or wherever it is most convenient for you.

Remember that Link a Word is a multiplayer game, so you can play it with whoever you feel like playing it: Your Facebook friends, the people from your mobile phone contact list etc. There is no need to be waiting for your opponents ‘words all the time, just answer whenever you like!

There is no problem as you can have numerous matches open at the time. Every game consists of 10 turns. Who wins? The one that is leading in points once the game is over. But just building words is not enough: According to the language you are playing in, there are some types of words you cannot use, such as Proper nouns, verb tenses, plurals or abbreviations in Spanish and words ending in '-ness', '-less' and '-lessly' in English (except for those most frequently used).

Not least because of its easy and straightforward game play, Link a word is a must-try in the world of word puzzles and a fair game, as it allows for the normal ups and downs during a game and gives you the chance to catch up with the Super Letters that come up towards the end of the game.

Why not give it a try?

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