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Little Acorns

13 Feb 2014

Little Acorns game review

Little Acorns may seem like a very child friendly game, with its main character being a father squirrel on a mission to find enough acorns to keep his family alive till the next year, but in essence it has enough run and jump action to keep even the most seasoned gamer entertained for quite a few hours.

The game takes place through four seasons, and that is the time you have to complete the levels and collect enough acorns to feed his family.

It’s a great 2-D platformer with a cool concept. 

As your roam through the level collecting acorns, you are presented with a new challenge, collecting fruit, you have a time limit to collect all the pieces and if you get them you get a bonus.

Little Acorns::by Team Pesky Little Acorns::by Team Pesky Little Acorns::by Team Pesky Little Acorns::by Team Pesky Little Acorns::by Team Pesky

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On some occasions you will find that the little squirrels will sneak off, and in addition to finding the acorns you have to find them. These alternate challenges add replay ability to the game, making it ultimately last a little longer. What’s cool about this game is simplicity of the controls, and the fact that you don’t die, if you come into contact with an enemy you just turn green and get slowed down. There are three buttons, one to go left, one to go right, and the final one to jump. There are also some power ups you will be introduced too, such as super speed and super jump, effectively making completing the main task as well as any secondary objectives, quite easy. 

The game itself features quite a bit of playable content, with roughly 60 levels to play through spanning over 12 seasons, or three years. Your biggest enemy as you play through the game is time; you are constantly racing against the clock to procure enough acorns. There are other enemies you will have to face however, but generally speaking they can be taken care of with relative ease. The music and the graphics tie into the game quite well. The music is a great change of pace from most games, with funky tunes playing in the background as your progress, and the cartoony graphics fit the game perfectly. 

Little Acorns is right at home on the iOS platform. The controls it utilizes are simplistic and familiar, and you will find that it isn’t difficult to adapt to them at all. Regular game play enhanced by the power ups I also quite fun. The super jump and invincibility power ups can come quite in handy, even if they only last for a short period of time. This will be even more apparent as you get to the more difficult levels and you encounter multiple new enemies that you have to bypass. Granted, it’s not the most revolutionary title, and it’s not going to be a game that you will have to sit down and think about all that much, but you will guaranteed find yourself going back to play when you have a few spare minutes to invest. 

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