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Lost Winds 2

13 Sep 2013

Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias game review

This is the second game in the series and as in the first you play as a wind spirit called Enril and a young boy called Toku. You mum vanished whilst on a journey and your mission is rescue her.

As you begin to play you will soon discover that there are evil spirits which are against you and you must use your abilities to stop them doing so. In this particular game you have complete command over the seasons and can use this to your advantage against the evil spirits.

When you start to play the game the story will reveal itself via pages from a diary which you will stumble across as you make your way through the stages and find them littered around.

If you are new to this game then it may seem a little complicated and bewildering at first, but if you persevere then you will soon pick it up.

Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias::by Frontier Developments Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias::by Frontier Developments Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias::by Frontier Developments Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias::by Frontier Developments Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias::by Frontier Developments

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If you have not played the first game then you will not realise that all the heroic missions are actually carried out by the obscure Emril. Emril is an imposing Wind Spirit who is absolutely fantastic at performing special powers such as directing a flame from a torch straight towards an ice cold wall and smacking hard surfaces with gloops. Emril can also send Toku to and fro and have total control over snowballs. It really is quite simply to achieve these commands. During the duration of the game all that is needed from the player is a simple sweep across the screen or a timely tap.

Via the use of these wind influenced strengths you will be able to go into combat against the opposition and complete puzzles which also featured in the first game. In this game however there is a new addition in the form of a nature spirit. You will be required to alternate between the seasons of summer and winter which will bring to the game a much wider variety and scope. Further additional features to the game include extra puzzles for you to solve such as the freezing of lakes and being unable to go into some areas. You will also be challenged by snow and icicle walls.

This game is very entertaining as you make your way through the Winter features of the game. Like the original game, Toko’s major strength is to control to wind in order for it to work in his favour. He can command the wind to lift him, or issue a gust which will blow away the opposition or drop items heavily on to the floor in order to press a button. The wind is capable of holding the fire which it has obtained from the torches and take it to the ice and plants which will destroy the obstacles and allow Toku through.

Sweeping across the screen calls for the wind which will lift Toku. If you want him to move from side to side then you must tamp the screen. There is also a joy stick which you can opt to play with if you so wish. The commands can be quite tricky initially and controlling him precisely may take some time to learn. However, once you pick up this skill you will find it a breeze.

I can not put enough emphasis on to the fact of how appealing these puzzles are within the game. It is very captivating and a breathtakingly beautiful experience. Whilst there are some slight flaws, these can be easily over looked as the game has so much more to it to make it worth while.

Winter of Melodias is an exhilarating experience with a touch of tranquillity to it which is a rarity these days in the world of gaming. The game has an abundance on offer from the well created environments and scenes to the vibrant bold characters. This game certainly outshines other games of this genre.

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