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Luke The Liftboy

29 Sep 2013

Luke The Liftboy game review

This latest release from Exozet is a cracking little game.

If you are a fan of strategy games then this is the one for you. Whilst the game is available for players age 4 years and up it is certainly also suited to the older generation too. Football fanatics will certainly be in their element with this football mad game. The main character of the game is a boy called Luke.

Luke’s job is a lift boy in a hotel and he must take the residents of the hotel to a variety of floors as quickly as h can in this timed game. The two main features of this game are strategy and time.

Luke The Liftboy::By exozet Luke The Liftboy::By exozet Luke The Liftboy::By exozet Luke The Liftboy::By exozet

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You have to go as quickly as you can whilst also thinking very carefully. The graphics are really compelling in this game and bring to life the quirky characters featured. It is a very entertaining game and will provide you with a few giggles.

Some of the floors which you have to take the residents too really are quite strange. This is a well thought out app which is quite addictive to play. It is certainly a very challenging game and continues to be a challenge throughout as the 36 stages on offer getting progressively harder as you go from one stage to the next.

I personally found this game very amusing and quite charming to play although my adrenaline did get pumping some of the time. The controls are very straight forward and easy to use with no complications being presented.

I was thoroughly entertained throughout the game. Not only was I kept on my toes due to the challenges presented but was constantly kept amused due to the wide variety of different characters that kept popping up in the game.

The game was very apt in light of the recent European Football tournament which made the game even more relevant with characters being featured from a wide range of European countries such as France and Holland.

The football fans in the game were cleverly created with great comic characteristics. Whilst come of the challenges may get quick difficult at times you will be rewarded with certain bonus features as an incentive to keep going.

These come in the form of power ups in various interesting forms such as a clown! There are a lot of surprises which pop up in the game and your aim is to earn as many points as you can. This is quite easy at first but then as you move from one stage to the next it becomes increasingly harder to achieve this.

The game price wise is more than reasonable and provides very satisfying results for players of all ages alike.

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