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20 Nov 2013

Lume game review

Lume would definitely fall into the point and click adventure category of games. You play as Lumi, a character trying to figure out what happened to her grandfather.

What’s great about the game is that it doesn’t tell you what items you can pick up or tap on to work on a puzzle, there are visual clues but you’re going to have to really rely on trial and error to get you through the game.

Upon touching a new puzzle, you will be prompted with a new screen with a puzzle to solve. Once you solve that you can move on. As you progress through the game you are completing puzzles that help to turn on the power to the house, as well as get you inside it to search for her grandfather.

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The game is played through completing different puzzles. As you progress to turning on the lights, you will run into several locks. These locks are unlocked by completing a puzzle. Each puzzle the game presents to you is unique in its own way, and will definitely keep you on your toes as you search for an answer to it. Thankfully the difficulty of these puzzles varies, some will be overly easy, and others will have you scratching your head. As you’re going through the few rooms that the house has, you don’t fell like you’re breaking into them, but more that these challenges might have been actually laid out by the grandfather to test the curious Lumi and to make sure his faith in her is ultimately well placed.

This game is truly a thing of beauty. The game itself uses a sort of un-conventional means of animation, the developers, State of Play, used cardboard and paper to create it, they created a miniature set and lighting system, and then filmed, giving a truly unique charm. The ornate cardboard layers are really set this game apart from many others, just based on the uniqueness of it, not to mention the actual finished product.  They add to this a calm and warm soundtrack that plays in the background as you progress through the game, this definitely adds to the experience and makes it a very relaxing game to play. 

Its rare that a game will come along that you can actually feel how much effort was put in to make it. This has been especially true with IOS games, as they usually feel pretty much slapped together. You don’t feel that way with Lume though. The fact that the entire set for the game was handcrafted makes it definitely unique, leaving just a few elements to animation, like the puzzles and movable element. It definitely makes for a rewarding experience when you play it, as it has an almost dream like quality to it. It’s not a very long game, but it does feel rewarding just the same. With a part 2 in the works, we can definitely anticipate some grate visuals and game play from these developers yet again. 

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