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Luxor Evolved

08 Apr 2014

Luxor Evolved game review

If one genre of game has had a long awaited comeback then this is it! Having been on the market for well over 10 years, the two main names being Luxor and Zuma are most certainly on par with each other.

Balls each with their own colouring are rolled on a path and the player must fire one of their own balls into the other ball. Rather than shooting the ball out from the centre of the path, the player’s balls are placed at the bottom end of the game.

I was not very aware of this particular series of games but I soon discovered it has many comparisons to Puzzloop and other games of this genre. Taking this into account the game has the feel of a traditional shooting game.

This game is far from boring and constantly has things going on at all times. The player has to match up balls of the same colour and collect prizes which pop out of bursting bonuses.

Luxor Evolved::by MumboJumbo Luxor Evolved::by MumboJumbo Luxor Evolved::by MumboJumbo Luxor Evolved::by MumboJumbo Luxor Evolved::by MumboJumbo

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These prizes will unlock extra stages and the prizes in the shape of a heart will turn into additional lives after you have collected a specific amount of them. In addition to all of this you need to increase the amount of points you have to get to the next stage. If this is done the more powers you will be rewarded with.

As soon as you begin the game at the very first stage you will soon realise that this particular game really is something somewhat different to other games currently available in the App Store. Whilst other games have a go slow feel about them and create an unsteady vibe, this game surpasses them and creates a fabulous fast track game with is constantly on the go and requires you as the player to carry on firing at all times. There are in excess of 60 levels and it never gets boring. It certainly makes this firing game much more entertaining compared to other games of this genre I have played before. It also never gets boring as in addition to its fast pace, it has lots of variation on each level. The are levels which give extra prizes, stages which have been hidden away and need to be unlocked, lots of challenges and excellent fights.

One of the best things about this game which appealed to me was the powerup stages. You are given the opportunity to win extra points here and as you do so you fill the progress counter at the end of each stage.

There are protectors within this game which can make things a bit more difficult. They try to defend their weak areas by releasing a vast amount of balls. You have to move as many of these out of the way so you can get to the weapons and to the middle circle of balls. One down side is that once you have cleared all of these balls they will continue to return. You have to keep firing through everything in an attempt to reveal the core and if you manage this, all you have to do is fire the once and this will get rid of it.

This may sound quite simple but if you do not have a good aim when firing then this van prove to be very difficult indeed. On consolation is that if it does take you a long time then you will be able to collect a lot more bonus prizes. Eventually when you do manage to destroy the core, you will be treated to a lot of upgrades and additional unlocked stages.

The illustrations are absolutely amazing and the bright colours and bursts within the game can are really vivid and create a great feel. The music is very similar to that of Space Invaders Infinity Gene. However, the play itself is so entertaining and takes the central stage. The developers have worked very well indeed in creating an arcade style action to this once out of date type of game. This game is a definite purchase as it is simply the most impressive marble shooting game as well as one of the best arcade and puzzle games currently available in the App Store.

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