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MacGuffin’s Curse

12 Oct 2013

MacGuffin’s Curse game review

This game is based on a werewolf and is a combination of both a puzzle and adventure game. The player is given the opportunity to change from a puny small robber into a massive, muscle bound werewolf.

Upon changing the character gains super strength powers and abilities and is also given the chance to revert back to his previous physical state. To the misfortune of MacGuffin the whole town in which he resides is on red alert looking for him.

To make the situation more complicated for MacGuffin, another character within the game has changed the whole town into a sliding block puzzle. This sets the scene for the story content of the game.

The game has been created with much love and attention to the finer details and contains some tricky puzzles for the player to try and work out.

MacGuffin’s Curse::by Ayopa Games MacGuffin’s Curse::by Ayopa Games MacGuffin’s Curse::by Ayopa Games MacGuffin’s Curse::by Ayopa Games MacGuffin’s Curse::by Ayopa Games

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The player takes the role of MacGuffin, a flame haired robber who lives in poverty with his small offspring and aged mum. MacGruffin is a very vocal character and likes to make his opinion on all matters heard. To you the player, this may be annoying initially or you may find endearing and find yourself laughing along at this strong views and passionate opinions.

The town in which MacGuffin lives is constructed from many contrasting rooms and you as the player must solve various different puzzles contained within each room in order to be able to go from one room into the next. The game is very continuous, but not boring. Due to the fact that the way the town is set out it gives the player a great sense of adventure and pushes them on to investigate further. The graphics are done amazing well again creating the sense to push the player on further and enjoy this gaming experience. The graphics of the town itself, the room and all of the characters are very intriguing and artistically brilliant.

The adventure starts when MacGuffin creeps into the town’s museum and burgles the very special Lupine Twine Amulet. It is with this special item that MacGuffin is given the ability to change from himself into the massive muscle bound werewolf. As a result of this he brings himself to the attention of the town’s leaders who want to track him down. You as the player must move MacGuffin around the various rooms, completing puzzles and trying to basically escape and keep yourself from capture.

When McGuffin is himself and does not use the special item, his powers are very limited and he can not do too much other than press some of the buttons or squeeze through small spaces. If however MacGuffin stands beneath the shine of the moon he can change into the werewolf and gain extra special super powers which maximise his abilities to move the blocks and press more buttons. As a result of having dual powers MacGuffin will have to increase the power at the door of each stage and attempt to move to the next.

The initial game is quite lengthy taking some time to conclude, but in addition to this the game has some fabulous extra additions which will make you want to continue playing upon conclusion of the main game.

The game initially starts off at a slow pace with the puzzles being relatively easy to work out however as the game progresses it really does become more complicated and difficult presenting a challenge. There are some quite intelligent tricks which are well hidden with the game and whilst playing we were never ceased to be amazed at the surprises contained within it.

Whilst this game is not the most satisfying game we have stumbled across in out time, it does have many positives to it. It contains such a vast amount and so many surprises it is certainly worth a play. It is crafted beautifully with a wide range of options and a perfect choice of game if you are a fan of puzzle games with a good story content.

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