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Mahjong Worlds

01 Jun 2013

Mahjong Worlds game review

Mahjong Worlds is a fun tile-based game that can keep people of all ages entertained for hours.

The game is set as an adventure map with many exotic worlds – El Dorado, Serengeti, Pirates, India, Wild Wild West, Australia, Shaolin, Madagascar and even outer Space. Every world has unique themed music, sound effects, in-game graphics and levels.

You can choose from a big variety of tile sets, they are unique too and have beautiful graphics as well. The gameplay is an interpretation of the classic Mahjong games we have all lost hours playing.

Mahjong Worlds::By Zariba Ltd. Mahjong Worlds::By Zariba Ltd. Mahjong Worlds::By Zariba Ltd. Mahjong Worlds::By Zariba Ltd. Mahjong Worlds::By Zariba Ltd.

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You have to match tiles with the same pictures on them. The goal is to clear all the tiles in the level’s layout. The best thing about Mahjong Worlds is that you can unlock tile sets and worlds for free.

In order to do this, you have to achieve a goal – reach a certain high score, share on Facebook and so on. Some goals are easy, but others you may find quite challenging, this game is suitable for all ages.

Other cool feature is the multiplier – when you match tiles quickly, the multiplier goes higher and you make more points. In case you are stuck, don’t worry, there are hint and shuffle that can help you anytime – just tap on the pause button at the bottom of the screen and choose what you need.

That is free too. For every world, there is a leaderboard with scores of users from all around the globe. You can compete with them or with your friends and brag about your score. Once a world is unlocked, you can replay every single of its levels as many times as you want.

This game is as fun for young and older kids as for grown-ups – I mean, who does not enjoy great cartoons? It is easy and pleasant to play, just pick the most suitable world and tile set for you and play endlessly, or work on it and unlock all the worlds – become the Ultimate Mahjong master.

Thousands people keep playing Mahjong Worlds daily. There are people that play it since the first AppStore version and do not leave it till this very day. You can check their wonderful reviews in iTunes.

Someday this game may become the game that you almost did not download, but you will be glad that you did. Have a great time playing!

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