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Mars Quest

25 Oct 2013

Mars Quest free C64 game remake by Retro Pixel game review

Mars Quest is the latest release from the developers Retro Pixel.

If you are a fan of quirky retro games then you will love this. The game itself is a remake of a 1980’s game which was made for the C64. It was a very popular game back then so it is great to see a remake of it now.

If you were a fan of the games in the 1980’s you will love this game, but if you are new to this genre of game, it is so appealing you will instantly like it too.

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Immediately I was blown away with the clever graphics of this game. They stuck to the true genre of the original game with the graphics they used and I felt I really was playing an old school game. The graphics in addition to the writing used were very similar to that of the original game.

I was very impressed and the game brought back many happy memories of my childhood. Turning from the graphics, the game itself was very entertaining and lots of fun. It presented a great challenge with the chance to continuously attempt to beat your previous score and achievements.

The aim of the game involves the player taking on the role of an astronaut, complete in space man outfit, and try to get him from stage to stage without coming to any harm. The game can be quite testing and in addition to trying to get a high score the player has to keep the astronaut safe by keeping out of the way of various different aliens and obstacles which try and get in his way.

In order to succeed the player will need to think quite strategically in order to succeed and progress to the next stage. At first I found the game quite manageable but as the game progresses going from stage to stage they started to increase in speed making them much harder.

It became more difficult to avoid the obstacles and therefore much trickier to try and keep the astronaut safe. I found the game very addictive and I kept wanting to play over and over again to see if I could beat my previous score.

In addition the sound effects were just fabulous. I found them very enjoyable and they complimented the game perfectly. The controls of the game are very simple and easy to use and I did not come across any problems when using them.

The arrow buttons were straight forward, easy to use and easy to understand. These arrow keys were all that were needed due to the limited movement of the astronaut however I did not see this as a bad thing because if the astronaut was able to move around more then it would not have been true to the 1980’s genre of this game.

I think the controls tied in perfectly well. This game is very entertaining and perfect for people who like challenging, strategic games. It is true to its nature, sticking to the retro feel with regards to the content of the game, graphics and music.

Great little game and one which I certainly would highly recommend.

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