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Masters of Solitaire

01 Jun 2014


Master of Solitaire game review

Who doesn’t love a fun solitaire game?
There was a time way back than in the period of Windows 95 and 98, when Solitaire was one of the most played PC games. It was so popular because it was free with Windows. However, people started to enjoy this game and played even at work to relax a bit. As a classic card game that we’re all in love with, the “just one more try” game of solitaire has always been difficult to avoid.

At the start of the game, first you need to login or register to play the game. Steps to register are simple, just fill in your player name and password and you are ready to start.

Master of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Master of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Master of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Master of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Master of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich

Master of Solitaire screenshots

Play button give your options Training and Match game. Training will help you to learn basics how to play this game. You can select from Klondike, Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid, Golf, Scorpion games.

Masters of Solitaire delivers few of the most played solitaire games, including Klondike Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid, Golf and Scorpion Solitaire. It’s more than enough solitaire games to keep players happy.

Klondike solitaire is the classic card game we all grew up playing on a PC (Mac) or with an actual deck of cards. It’s been a popular time-passer for many generations - so it’s only natural that it would be so successful on the Android or iOS platform. Masters of Solitaire has a number of different solitaire card games in one app for you to enjoy. While I enjoyed this game, I found other interesting solitaire games, like Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid, Golf and Scorpion Solitaire, so I spent my time playing a special section to the non-Klondike solitaire games. This app will help you play the solitaire that’s just best for you.

You move cards by touching and dragging them, or tapping playable cards to move them into place.
One of fun options is to play a multiplayer game, where you can play against players from all over the world.
Masters of Solitaire comes with four levels of difficulty and you can select one you prefer more.
It doesn’t offer anything new with the genre (though its not even possible to offer anything really new), but its great presentation is quite appealing and worth look. Now that we have iPhones and Android phones, this super card game is more enjoyable than ever, since we can play while laying on the couch or on the beach.
Masters of Solitaire game is an awesome, sparkly take on the original. Graphics are attractive, gameplay is crisp and silky smooth.
The iOS App Store and Android Google Play is quite filled with such games and there isn’t really a space for another similar game. However, Masters of Solitaire gives a great gaming feeling, with several gameplay options, superb artwork and a free to download offer. It may very well pull in players looking for a new solitaire game of this classic game.

Summary: Masters of Solitaire is a must have game for all solitaire players. It’s both fun and free and available for iOS iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You will get a number of different games such as Klondike, Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid, Golf and Scorpion solitaire.
Graphics are appealing, gameplay is smooth, and player moves can be accomplished with just a tap.

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