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Medieval HD

11 Oct 2013

Medieval HD game review

Medieval HD is a great game by the makers Brisk Mobile Inc and is proving to be very popular around the world.

After playing this game I can see why. If you are a fan of arcade games which are jam packed with action then you will certainly love Medieval HD. The hype around this fantastic game is certainly warranted. I was really impressed with the illustrations and the sound effects are great.

The death cries of the opposition really are quite realistic. A lot of time, care and dedication has clearly been taken to produce this game. The game was very addictive and I found myself being unable to put it down.

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The game is castle based in which the castle must be defended. The castle must be defended by great medieval weaponry such as archers firing arrows, launching boulders, catapults and cauldrons of boiling liquids.

I really enjoyed the game but would consider it suitable for most ages. There are three different modes to choose from which are easy, medium and hard and then in addition to this is a fast fire round. For this you will have to use your finger and tap really quickly.

Whilst speed is a requirement for this round, overall the controls are really easy to use. There are also three different ways in which you can choose to fire. You can opt for auto fire, show arc or drag fire.

A certain degree of strategic thinking is also required for this game. There are numerous different types of troops to pick from and you as the player must pick the one you think is more suitable at the time to help defend your castle.

All of the weapons mentioned above can be upgraded too. The arrows that the archers fire can become flaming arrows and you can get power ups in the form of multi shots for an ultra strong defence mechanism.

This game was really entertaining and so much fun that it was certainly worth the money. Not only was the story content great, but the graphics really did bring it to life. The landscapes were simply breathtaking as where the water falls and drifting clouds.

When you put these together with the medieval theme and fighting features it really does produce something quite magical. The game is stunning and very refreshing. Due to the different modes available people of all ages can play it and for the more hard core player there is a difficult stage to really present you with a challenge.

Trying to out shoot the enemy and defend the castle really is great fun and gets that adrenaline pumping. The game is so enthralling it really wants to make you protect your castle, fend off the wave of enemies and stop your castle being destroyed.

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