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Mega Bee HD

31 Jan 2014

Mega Bee HD game review

Mega Bee, is an arcade/adventure game in which you use your finger to control Busy, the bee who has been tasked to fly through the stages in order to rescue Princess Bee from Dragon Island!

The gameplay is very simple and the content is suitable even for young children, although youngsters may find the concept hard to grasp.

The idea of the game is to navigate around the screen ensuring Busy collects the safe items – the specific item is dependant on which stage is being played – and avoid the nasty things that will lose you a life!

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Opening up the app will take you to the home screen, which is bright with simple and child-friendly graphics. Three options are available: the store, the play and the small ‘i’ information button down in the left hand corner.

The ‘i’ button will display the credits and is not a tutorial. The store is a shop where you can spend in-game coins on power ups and new characters. The play button will take you to the game menu. The game menu has six stages, only three of which are available to a first time player: Backyard, Roadside and Desert Oasis.

They are in order of difficulty so starting with Backyard is advisable if you haven’t played before! Before starting any stage a screen will appear displaying the safe items that you want to collect, the hazards and the Power ups.

When you begin playing collecting items of the same colour will give you a combo, enough combos will give you extra lives. If you touch any of the hazards you will lose a life. In the top left hand corner of each game are the game stats.

They tell you what level you are on, how many lives you left and how many safe items you have collected. The aim is to reach the desired number of levels on each stage to gain three stars in order to unlock the other stages and eventually rescue Princess Bee!

At the bottom of the gaming screen is the timer. You start with a certain amount of time for each stage, but collecting the safe items will add time to the clock and allow you to reach the higher levels more easily.

If you find yourself struggling to reach the higher levels on the harder stages then power ups can be bought from the store to give you more time. Coins are awarded after each level and accumulate quickly allowing for power ups to be purchased only after a few turns. ‘Bee’ prepared for a fast, furious and addictive arcade style game that is compatible with all iPhones later than the 3GS, iPod Touches later than the 3rd generation and all iPads.

Your device must be running iOS 5. 0 or later. Mega Bee is a fun and exciting game, which will challenge young and old minds alike. With the gameplay and a storyline reminiscent of Snake and Super Mario Bros this is certain to be a big hit with all gamers!

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