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Mega Run

29 Oct 2013

Mega Run game review

This game see the welcome comeback of the much loved Redford, who is the adorable dinosaur who features in this quirky game where he bounds around the 16 different levels each of which contains five alternate environments. 

Redford leaps and dashes around these different worlds. As with most running games of the genre, this game includes all the typical manoeuvres such as running, leaping and collecting money.

Whilst the game may sound very average it actually brilliantly compiled together. The commands are quick and easy to use, being very effective during game play. The character of Redford is fantastic and the bonus prizes do an amazing task of speeding up the manoeuvres of Redford.

One really entertaining feature was a power up which increased the size of Redford to make him absolutely huge.

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Although this did hinder his ability to run quickly it did not matter as he could squish the opposition and break barricades down which, if he was normal size he would have to swerve to miss them. Some of the bonus’s can increase his velocity, give him things to fire or even let him fly for small periods of time. The more money which Redford earns allows him to open more special strengths and powers.

The stages all have three main objectives. The first is to finish the stage, the second is to get three stars and the third is to find the secret gems. To finish the stage however you must become an expert and accumulating the stars and squishing the opposition. With the benefit of the power ups you will be able to make Redford become huge is size as well as set off fireworks or explosions which can attack the opposition.

A lot of contemporary running games tend to go on forever so it is nice that this game sticks to the classic genre a bit more. It makes the game feel that it is easier to use and offers so much more variation with regards to the different stages. A lot of these stages are set in woodland but the graphics are designed so there are many differences so you can detect the differences from stage to stage. The music also sticks to the classic genre having some similarities to games such as Donkey Kong in light of the drums.

One thing the character will always earn during play is experience and this is irrelevant as to whether he wins or looses. It is this experience which will allow him to accumulate money which can be used to buy items. The items are fairly priced so you can not just start buying the big explosive straight away and zoom through the levels. You can however buy credits from the app store to help you progress more quickly through the game.

This game is highly entertaining and full of life and will certainly keep you on your toes. This is quite a good deal bearing in mind Mega Run asks nothing from you in order to play it. The amount of fun you will get from this game is dependent on how much you as a player are prepared to put into it.

Whilst the game does have resemblances to other games of this genre it does not particularly matters as the features of the game are all fantastic including the leaping and running techniques. The game is a pleasure to get involved in and has great designs which you could expect from a running game.

The game really does get you involved and is very colourful and alive. The appearance is brilliant as are the easy to use and simple controls. The action is average but this does not matter as the game has so much more on offer. I would certainly recommend you give this great game a try.

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