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Memory Battle

24 Dec 2013

Memory Battle game review

Memory Battle is an exciting matching game that is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching two cards with the same images on them. The cards are turned face down at the start of the game and in a completely random order. The user has to select two cards and try to match them together. If the user guess’s correctly they receive another turn.

If they are wrong the cards are turned face down and it is the opponents turn. The game is won or lost when all the cards have been matched successfully. The player with the highest amount of pairs wins the game.

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Memory Battle screenshots

The smallest board consists of twenty cards and the largest contains fifty-six. As the board size expands it makes Memory Battle increasingly more difficult to remember where the specific cards are. There are a total of eight different themes to choose from.

These are the images on the cards that the players turn over. The user can pick their favourite theme before starting the game. Some of the themes seem to be more challenging than others, but this will probably vary for each individual user.

This app has a few interesting options and encourages the user to battle against other friends or family. There are three different ways to play together. Memory Battle offers direct connect via Bluetooth if two devices have the game and are in close proximity of each other.

The second way is to connect via the Game Centre and use Wi-Fi to play over the internet. The last method is to use the same device and take it in turns. There is also a ‘World’ option on the main menu where users can play against people that they do not know.

Alternatively there is a single player practice mode or the choice to battle against a ‘Robot’ and try to beat the artificial intelligence. The game will remember the user’s highest score and best attempts at each board size.

By using the Game Centre players can compete against friends at different times without needing to connect directly to each other and play. If the user enters a game and needs a helping hand there is a hint option in the top left by the player’s name.

The amount of hints that are given is dependent on the size of the board, and in single player mode, the robot difficulty. The hint can only be selected when the player has turned over one of the cards.

By pressing the hint it will show an option of two cards that are still face-down, one of the cards will be the correct match. Overall Memory Battle delivers a highly interesting but simple style of gameplay which makes the user think and try to remember locations of cards.

It is suitable for all ages and could provide helpful learning and development for younger children. The graphics are of good quality and every image that is used on the cards is very clear and detailed.

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