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Micy Roll

02 Mar 2014

Micy Roll game review

How delightful it is to have a game that combines action and adventure, mystery and exploration, yet cute enough to appeal to people of all ages.

This game I am talking about is called Micy Roll Lite, and it is now available on the iTunes app store as a free download for both iPhone and iPad. So let's discuss a little about this game.

From the name, you can gather that this game is about a mouse, that is, you are controlling a mouse during the game play.

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The mouse is a little character that you control using directional buttons, either left or right, to guide the mouse through a maze of subterranean caverns. The intriguing part is the way the physics of the game works that you need to swipe your finger to make the mouse jump from ledge to ledge, but in order to be able to jump the mouse, you must gain a powerup by running into little red splats of energy before each jump.

These little energy boosts are positioned in just a manner that make the game challenging, even for the most dextrous of us. When swiping the mouse, you have to be careful, you can swipe yourself either backwards or forwards, so you can actually lose ground if you are not careful.

I found this game to be quite entertaining because the swiping actions to jump a mouse from ledge to ledge or from jump to jump takes a little practice. The landscape is full of rolling paths that the mouse can gain speed from, used to traverse certain jump areas.

When you make it through a few jumps, you are magically transported to new levels, and with each new level comes an increasingly challenging landscape that you must roll through. There are these little things that look like red stars scattered throughout the journey map, and it is these little red splotches that give the mouse the extra power it needs to jump from one ledge or hill to another.

You have to be quick though with your swiping, it takes precision skill to master moving the mouse around. The music in the game is top notch. I found myself a little mesmerized by the music as I was playing, it is almost hypnotic.

You do not need to wait too long to level up in this game, but it is a challenging adventure, so it does take a little practice to get your "feel" for the game. Right away though, you will see that the game is just challenging enough to be fun and not at all boring.

I can see myself, if not others, playing this game a lot. It is an excellent time killer and definitely one that I would play on the bus or train while traveling. There is also a paid version of the same game, with new features that you can unlock.

I highly recommend this game Micy Roll Lite. It is free and fun, and definitely worth taking a look.

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