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Mighty Fin

12 Nov 2013

Mighty Fin game review

The power behind the IOS gaming platform is undoubtedly its touch screen controls. All of the controls for any game need to be accessible through a touch screen, so its forced developers to rethink the way they lay out controls and many of these developers have opted for extremely simple touch controls as a consequence.

For some games, it has done more harm than good, but in others, it has made it a fun experience, and one of those games would definitely be Mighty Fin.

You play Fin a tired fish who has just gotten himself a vacation around the world. 

Most would think the lack of options as per controls would be a bad thing, IOS has changed that view for many people, there’s one control in this game, with a touch of the screen you can make him dive deeper, if you stop touching the screen he can jump up into the air

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It does make for a simplistic style of play, but that doesn’t mean that the game is boring. In reality it’s a very fun game that for many people will become the go to game if there are a couple minutes of free time. 

The level set up in this game is what really sets it apart from many other games that use the same type of platform. There are eight different locations or environments to go through, and these environments vary drastically, making for some interesting game play. Each time you play a level, it is randomly generated, with the right number of obstacles and objective. That means that every time you play a level there will be differences and variations. This really helps to expand the life time of the level, especially at the lower levels. This does become a slight issue in the harder levels though because it becomes you can’t learn the layout to anticipate the obstacles, there placed differently every time. They have also added an “endless” level mode that is unlocked once you complete the level. Meaning you can play it in hopes of racking up the highest score if you want to just keep going indefinitely. As you go through the levels, there isn’t just the main objective to obtain; there are points to collect, costume bonuses to snatch up, and deadly obstacles that constantly have to be avoided. 

One of the reasons that the single control feature of this game is so effective would be the fact that the center of gravity is at the water’s surface. It keeps the controls quite smooth whether you’re trying to dive down or jump out of the water. It is a great game with simple yet completely responsive controls. And the atmosphere it creates is one of pure fun. The difficulty comes from the randomness of the levels, and in fact adds quite a bit of challenge and life to the game. It’s just one of those games that you’ll have trouble putting down even after the first time you play it.

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