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24 Jul 2014

Gemstone Jamboree game review

Created by Crescent Moon Games, MIMPI is going to drive you a little bit nuts (but in a good way). If you are looking for a fun gaming app to waste your time on because you’re flight is probably delayed, then this is the best app for you.

It is so much easier not to be bored when you have the right entertainment saved on your mobile devices and this one surely makes the cut. If you haven’t heard of this app, then you’re in luck today. We won’t try to hard sell it because that’s not even our goal. Our review is plain and simple and it’s the real thing.

Gemstone Jamboree::By Crescent Moon Games LLC Gemstone Jamboree::By Crescent Moon Games LLC Gemstone Jamboree::By Crescent Moon Games LLC Gemstone Jamboree::By Crescent Moon Games LLC Gemstone Jamboree::By Crescent Moon Games LLC

Gemstone Jamboree screenshots

This just means we won’t sugarcoat things. We’ll tell you what it is that we like and what we think needs improvement. Now let’s first tackle the story line of this app. Story wise a lot of people might find it shallow but hey, it’s for kids so it should be something that they would appreciate so it can’t be complicated. Based on what we think, it’s just right that the story line was put this way. If you like strange things, this app is still going to be for you. The game is actually a bit challenging but once you get the hang of it, you will realize how easy it is.

The design is something kids would really appreciate. After this, kids would probably want to own a cute white adorable dog. MIMPI is a dog by the way in case you wonder and he has adventures that he would like to share with the world to people who would want to join him. It is actually both fun and educational so you can definitely encourage children to download this on their mobile phones or iPads.

What we love about this game are the puzzles involved in it. It is tricky to be honest because yes it does look super easy but then it become challenging in the middle. It’s perfect for killing time indeed if you got nothing to do or just waiting for someone on a rendezvous. The other thing that we would like to mention here is the navigation and it is pretty easy to figure so good job on that one actually. The colors are just right. It’s not too loud and it doesn’t look like it’s trying to hard to be child-friendly.

If you still don’t own this app on your phone or your iPad, then it’s that you download it. This is going to be more fun if you are a dog person because you’re going to find MIMPI cute and probably even wish he is real! This is compatible only for iPhones 3Gs and up. Your OS must be iOS 4.1 or later. More reasons to love your Apple products when you have this game! Download it and tell your friends because this could actually be the next craze! At least be amongst to have it as a pioneer gamer for this app.


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