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MissileSubTerror Wars

27 Nov 2013

MissileSubTerror Wars game review

Missile Sub is a game designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It uses the two touch technology to control movement and fire missiles from a submarine at the same time. The general idea of the game is to destroy three waves of enemy boats and aircraft. There are a total of seven different enemy units which range from cargo boats to huge destroyers.

New enemy units introduce themselves in each level increasing the difficulty as you progress. There are power ups and health crates that drop from cargo vessels to help in your mission to destroy the enemy forces.

MissileSubTerror Wars::By MP Developers MissileSubTerror Wars::By MP Developers MissileSubTerror Wars::By MP Developers MissileSubTerror Wars::By MP Developers

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As the submarine you are situated at the bottom of the ocean and the enemy boats sail above. All of the enemy ships have the ability to fire back at you, so try to dodge the bullets and avoid getting hit!

Each ship, including your submarine, has a health bar to show how much damage has been inflicted. Health packs can be collected from shooting cargo boats, and used to replenish some health. The larger boats have higher health, take longer to shoot down and they fire at a more constant rate than the smaller boats.

The aircraft and cargo boats travel at a faster speed and are harder to get as they move across the screen. Shields can be obtained by killing a cargo ship carrying the power up. It will put a bubble around your submarine, and whilst the bubble is active it will soak up damage and your health bar will not be affected.

The shield will last until the enemy boats have hit the defensive barrier five times. Another power up is the weapon upgrade. This improves your missile for the next ten shots. If the missile hits a target it will do five times the damage of a normal shot.

They are very powerful and best used on the largest boats to sink them quickly and effectively. All of the power ups are activated by pressing the appropriate icon that appears in the top right corner. It also displays how many power ups you currently have.

More than one upgrade can be active at any time. One of the best features in Missile Sub is that the controls are extremely easy to use. The device needs to be placed in a landscape orientation. The left hand side of the screen is used to move the submarine.

On the right hand side there is a fire button to launch the missiles from the submarine. Power ups are located at the top right corner when available. The simplicity of the controls makes this game suitable for all ages and it is great fun dodging and firing back at enemy ships.

Completing the game is fairly easy; there are no time limits or additional ways to fail other than getting blown up! However beating your own personal top score can be achieved a number of different ways.

Saving the power ups will be rewarded with a higher score. The amount of health your submarine has at the end of the three levels also factors in to the final result. Finally, the most important element is the type of ships you have been destroying.

The larger ships reward more points than the smaller boats.

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