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Monster Toss

20 Oct 2013

Monster Toss Free game review

Monster Toss is a great little game which requires a bit of skill but with practice you will find this come easily and eventually you will be hooked on the game.

The game features and very cute monster who has what I can only describe as a bucket head. As the player the aim is to try and throw as many things successfully into the monster head. This sounds easier than it is, trust me.

With practice however you will soon become a whizz and want to play over and over again.

Monster Toss Free::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Monster Toss Free::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Monster Toss Free::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Monster Toss Free::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Monster Toss Free::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd

Monster Toss Free screenshots

On the top of the screen your score is clearly visible along with you best score so you can keep trying to beat your previous score and keep track of how far you have to go. Sometimes I would lose by one point and find myself shouting at myself but immediately I would be playing again and jumping around once I had beaten my all time best.

It really is that addictive! The monster interacts with you too. After throwing various items at the monster, if he likes what you have thrown he will eventually become a friend and be nice to you. It is very cute indeed.

You can also share your scores on facebook and twitter so you can rope your friends and family into playing too and you can attempt to beat their scores as well as you own. This really is quite a challenging little game and great for those who like to compete against others.

Whilst its format may seem simple there really is much more to it and hours of fun to be had. There are many different stages to be played which include a beach stage, a ping pong table and even a stage set up in space on a different planet.

There are quite a few different environments and I enjoyed every single one of them. The graphics are spot on too. They are very vibrant and colourful and stand out quite sharply. Whilst they are in a cartoon style they are quite grown up too making the game appeal to adults and young players alike.

I would certainly say there are no age restrictions for this game – just lots of practice needed! Some of the scenes are really dark and it can be quite tricky to play them. However there is a special torch you can turn on to help you see whilst you are playing.

Great bonus prizes can be won too which is great when you feel you are being beaten and winning one perks you back up. The music is fabulous and really suits the game. However there is the option to turn it off in case some people find it annoying or distracting in some way and ruins their game play.

The basis for this game is very simple but it works so well. It is well designed, great content, different environments, bonus prizes, the opportunity to play friends and so one. I really did enjoy this game and would certainly recommend it to any one who likes competitive games.

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