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17 Oct 2014

Morbel Game

Introducing the newest app that is made for puzzle lover. Morble a fantastic match three puzzle game with a torch of magic.

Tap the circles around like a sliding riddle. Make a chain from numerous orbs of the same color. Make Magic Stars, Supernovas or develop your Magic Meter to make a blast of mystical Shooting Stars that shower down onto the amusement board. Enchantment can be found in every corner of Morble.


Morbel Game::By Moonrise Games Morbel Game::By Moonrise Games Morbel Game::By Moonrise Games Morbel Game::By Moonrise Games Morbel Game::By Moonrise Games

Morbel Game Screenshots

This game really uses mind and intellect to fully understand the game. So this will really enhance your thinking and intellectual capacity upon certain things. It’s good isn’t it? Well it allows you, the user, to really use your intelligence or even broaden it upon solving the puzzle. This game has two different game modes for different style of plays.

The first one is the, Classic --is a non-timed mode based on earning moves with matches and spending moves to tap the orbs around. This mode allows the player to take their time and plan moves. The second one is, Time Warp-- is a timed mode based on earning extra time with matches and going as fast as you can before the time runs out. This is fast paced for those who love being on the edge.

The user can select different mode of the game. If the user wants to be challenge more he/she can choose the time wrap for it is timed, and that is what it makes it more challenging. This app really offers the users with a lot of excitement. The other good thing of this app is that you can play it with your friends. That sounds good right? You will now have the chance to get back up with your friends and challenge them who is the best player of this game? And you can even bet a prize on it to make more interesting and exciting.

This is one of the features that this app offers the users. The Online Fun--Join online and play Push and Play games with friends or soon to be friends using the Random Challenge. Once a part of the online community you can participate in the Global Showdown against all online players or your personal Friend Showdown which only pits you against your Morble friends. Pretty exciting isn’t it? You can also choose to play offline, if you are not interested to play online.

You can play Single Player or Multiplayer Pass and Play games locally with friends or family members, it's just as fun! Other feature includes: Single player, Pass and Play locally (turn based), Push and Play online (turn based), Two Game Modes: Classic and Time Warp, Online Global Showdown against all players, Online Friend Showdown against just your friends, Avatar Creator: Make yourself a Morble Avatar, 35+ Achievements to earn.

So what are you waiting for? Feel the excitement that I feel upon using this app. This is made for Iphone and Ipad users only. The android version is not yet available as of this moment, but we hope they will make an android version of it so that everyone can enjoy. You can download it now on Appstore for only $1.99.


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