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22 Dec 2013

Motoheroz game review

Racing games are a blast to play no matter what platform they are released on, and MotoHeroz is no exception. Published by Ubisoft, it isn’t however just another racing game.

While yes, the primary goal of the game is to win the races, players go through the levels on the lookout for treasure chests that are hidden throughout the levels, as well as coins that present themselves too.

The game is split up into six different conditions, with five levels of play to each of them. You’re goal as the driver is to beat the ghost car to the finish line. Doing this awards you 1 star, and finding the coins and chests increases the stars given to you.

Each of the 30 levels available to play are packed full with different obstacles to overcome. Wether its enormous jumps, bridges, ramps, or loop de loops, there is constantly a challenge for the player.

Motoheroz::by Ubisoft Motoheroz::by Ubisoft Motoheroz::by Ubisoft Motoheroz::by Ubisoft Motoheroz::by Ubisoft

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For each of the environments you find yourself in, you will be given a different vehicle to use, one that would be better fitting to the levels you have ahead of you. The controls of this game are quite intuitive. To control the balance of the car in air, you tilt left or right, the accelerating and the braking are taken care of by on screen buttons. It takes some time to get used to keeping the vehicle balanced perfectly while in air though, especially with the ever tempting ability to do backflips. 

In each level, there is a blue ghost and a red ghost that your competing against. The blue ghost represent the time you have to beat to complete the level and gain a star. You need these stars to unlock the next levels and they also give you cold hard cash you can spend on upgrading your vehicle.  The treasure chests hidden around the level will also give you extra cash to spend. The red ghost is the closest competing time on the leaderboards for the game. As you race through the levels as fast as you can, you will come across power-up’s such as speed boosts and bouncing springs. These power-ups have to be used wisely if you want to beat the blue and red ghosts. 

The key to success is updating your vehicle, using either in app purchases, or using the coins that you’re awarded at the end of each level. While everyone’s going to want to beat the blue ghost so that they can advance in the game, it’s beating the red ghosts and climbing your way up the leaderboards that will give you an intense sense of pride and accomplishment, just be ready for a real challenge if you plan on trying to beat them.

The graphics in this game are great, and the soundtrack fits into the genre perfectly. Thankfully the controls are quite precise, or keeping the car straight would be even more of a challenge. One of the less spoken of aspects of the game that’s loads of fun is challenging your friends online to see who can come out on top, with this feature the game can be played over and over again. 

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