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Murder Detective 2

10 Apr 2013

Murder Detective 2 game review

If you like to read murder mysteries, or enjoy playing murder mystery themed games, then you will certainly enjoy one of the latest new apps to hit the iTunes store.

A new game called Murder Detective 2 has been released, and it features an engaging storyline, superb music and captivating gameplay.

I particularly enjoyed this game, mostly due to the fact that I enjoy murder mysteries, but also because this game is easy to play with a unique interface that allows you to interact with the characters in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable.

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When you first start Murder Detective 2, you are prompted to start a new game, and you are promptly taken to a video cut scene which introduces the main storyline. You get to witness the demise of the victim (although I won't give away how that happens), and without knowing any other details, the game begins and you are thrown into a murder mystery solving mode.

Different objects on the screen will pulsate when you need to interact with them. For example, at the beginning of the game the phone will ring, and you know that you need to interact with the phone because it will start pulsating.

In addition to the visual cues, there is also audio cues as well such as, the phone ringing (you can hear it). If you have problems finding clues, visual prompts will help you to find particular items, so interacting with the environment works nicely.

There are different characters in the game you will interact with, who will start you off on a clue hunting assignment. In the first game scene, you speak with Policeman Thompson, and then you are off to search for clues.

In each scene, you are presented with a list of clues that you need to find on the screen, in order to progress to the next scene. As you find clues, the list of items you need to find are updated, to list only those clues and items you have left to find.

Think of those games where you need to find something in a picture, it is sort of like that, but you are in a story mode. It is a fun way to play. While in each scene, you can pinch to zoom so that you can see the full scene in closer detail.

This is good because some of the items are quite small, so you will need to zoom in order to find the items. All clues and items that you will need to progress from scene to scene are stored in your briefcase so you can (and will) need to check that frequently to make progress.

All scenes take place within different points of the game world, and to help you get around, there is a handy map/compass feature, to show you where you are, and where you need to go to. After a little gameplay, all of the controls become easy to use.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes mystery games, the layout and gameplay controls are enjoyable to use and the game is entertaining, not boring like some games, and I especially like the controls that you use to find clues.

The game makers took advantage of the native controls you use on the iPad, so this game is a joy to play.

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