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My Singing Monsters

03 Oct 2013

My Singing Monsters game review

My Singing Monsters is the fantastic release from the developers Big Blue Bubble.

As soon as I started to make my round around this app I loved it instantly and knew that this was one of those apps which I would soon become addicted too and not be able to put down. Immediately I was taken aback by the lovely cute little monsters which featured in this app.

The illustrations are well designed and very appealing to young and old players alike. Rather than being scary monsters they are actually very cute monsters which you can’t take your eyes off.

My Singing Monsters::By Big Blue Bubble My Singing Monsters::By Big Blue Bubble My Singing Monsters::By Big Blue Bubble My Singing Monsters::By Big Blue Bubble My Singing Monsters::By Big Blue Bubble

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The content of this app is basically that the player has to collect numerous different types of monsters all of which have to be well cared for. Monsters can also be bred so the player can have new ones too.

I really liked this about the app as it provided a really good element of surprise as I never knew what I was going to end up with. I was rarely disappointed and fell in love with the new little monsters which I had bred.

Each of the monsters sing and I found their singing talents absolutely amazing. The music just complimented the game perfectly. The monsters are situated on different islands and again the graphics are fabulous and well designed.

One of my favourites was a very grassy island with beautiful trees making it very earthy and natural. All of the different islands come with their own songs which is really good as the app does not become boring or repetitive.

The player is given the opportunity to make and alter each of the landscapes which is a great added feature and make up lots of different music by mixing sounds together. I had lots of fun doing this. Best of all each monster is completely unique and each has their own special personality so you can find some more endearing than others.

The game itself was very easy to navigate and the controls are very simple and straight forward to use. On the bottom of each island there are four tabs which are easily visible and clearly labelled (Map, friends, market, options) so you can play the game without any problems.

To use the controls it is just a case of putting your finger on the screen and sliding across to the option you need and by selecting the relevant option and following the step by step guides. Even though the app is highly illustrated with great cartoon like graphics it does not become to “busy” and all of the tabs and instructions are easy to see and read.

The game also has social features so you can interact with other players which is really great as I am sure players will find out Singing Monster fans out there who have fallen in love with this game too.

Overall, this is a fabulous little app which I would highly recommend. It is suitable for both young and old alike and has great graphics, music and content. No complaints at all.

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