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19 Sep 2013

NeboTracks game review

Are you ready for a new game? According to me, a good game is one which you can operate easily and through which you can have endless fun. A good game never lets you get bored and that’s what Nebo Tracks does.

Have you heard about the game? Well, whispering has started because this newly launched game by Zilliar is extra awesome. The game is fresh and exciting.

I came across the game when I was searching the store for some new games. The graphic snapshots were the only reason which compelled me to click the download button.

NeboTracks::By Zilliar Inc

NeboTracks screenshots













As soon as I downloaded the game, my first reaction was – this is really better than I had expected. And it actually is. The game might seem boring or uninteresting on the first look but this is certainly not the truth.

Nebo Tracks is a game where you need to control a fighter ship and kill the enemies. You have been given a ship which you can obviously change from the upgrade store and you need to reach your destination. Oops! This can’t be that easy. Right? It isn’t, at all.

There are three tracks on which you can drive your ship and different type of obstacles keep popping up to make your way back home difficult. The worst obstacle is ‘the enemies’. You need to destroy this with bullets from your ship to overcome them. Also, you need to keep jumping between the three tracks and that is why it becomes so difficult to complete a level. And this is why I love this game. A good game is the one which has a high difficulty level and easy and convenient interface and Nebo Tracks certainly passes this result.

Play this game for once and soon it will become your addiction. It’s simple and fun. I have played games like these before but this game certainly makes you notice the difference. The developer of the game has taken extra precautions while designing the game. Each and every graphic is well designed. The game also has an option to change the color of the three tracks you need to drive on.

Although, this was an unnecessary upgrade but still, I think this is a good enough reason to explain how deeply the developer has gone while developing this game.  Upgrades are the first thing usually which look at a game.

After all you do need some inspiration to keep going. And when you can buy a very cool fighting ship, won’t you just give your best shot and collect the maximum points so as to buy that amazing ship? There are many other upgrades in the game and you would love each of them.

Nebo Tracks might be based on the same old concept of fighter jets but still, the game is different from the rest of the lot and a person can discover the difference only when he actually plays the game. So, if you really want to know how the game is, download it yourself and check.

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