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Ninja Guy HD

21 Apr 2014

Ninja Guy HD game review

Do you like fighting games for the iPad?

Were you an addict of Mortal Kombat gameplay? Do you want to be entertained for hours on end? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be pleasantly surprised with a game for the iPad that is now available on the iTunes Store. The game is called Ninja Guy Free, and as the name suggests, it is the free first chapter of the paid Ninja Guy game.

This game a pleasure to play and the story is really good. The story goes, that you are the "Ninja Guy" and everything in your life revolves around being a Ninja.

Ninja Guy HD::By Immunity Studios LTD Ninja Guy HD::By Immunity Studios LTD Ninja Guy HD::By Immunity Studios LTD Ninja Guy HD::By Immunity Studios LTD Ninja Guy HD::By Immunity Studios LTD

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Forget about wealth and power, and forget about romance, you are a Ninja and being a Ninja means you need to be the best Ninja possible. As the makers of the game, Immunity Studios has put it, "Guns don't kill people, Ninja's do!".

Well this is true for our hero the Ninja Guy, and he lets you know throughout the game with many confident quips that he is totally psyched to be a Ninja. When you first start the game, your objective is to undergo Ninja training with your master the Cowsensei in the Ninja Dojo.

First you learn how to navigate Ninja guy, by moving in any direction by using the directional controls, how to fight with your Ninja sword using the Ninja sword button and how to jump obstacles using the specific Ninja jump button.

After learning the basic controls, Cowsensei guides you through a series of fighting tests that teach you about how to fight and how to use unique abilities. Your master Cowsensei explains about the health and individual ability meter.

Basically, once you run out of health then you die. You are given 3 lives to start, and as you attack and defeat enemies, you earn coins that you can use to buy more lives, in order to continue in the game.

Each life costs 100 coins. In order to gain additional coins, you must defeat enemies, and as you will learn, the Ninja Guy is motivated to do this. This game has a fabulous in-game physics dynamic, with 3D enemies to fight, and obstacles in your path that require you to jump, run and climb the Ninja way.

This app uses a unique game engine called STS Shuriken, and the game developers have done a good job at keeping this game fast and furious. In addition to the traditional striking attack using the Ninja sword, you can also use your Ninja stars, which are mighty fun to throw at targets and enemies.

During the game, you will also face several different big bosses, and to defeat them, you must use all your Ninja skills, including the Ninja whirlwind, which uses most of your Ninja focus ability. The Ninja focus ability is a life force that will be depleted each time you use it, so you have to be careful how much you use.

Fortunately the Ninja focus ability will replenish itself in time, so you can recover it and use the ability over and over again. This is a great and fun game, and I recommend you download this app today and get your Ninja on!

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