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16 Sep 2013

nummi game review

Nummi is the latest release by the developers 9 to 5.

Nummi is a puzzle game and if you are a fan of anything that requires strategic thinking then this is the app for you. The app is based around numbers and really does require you to use your brain.

The app is very simple and straight forward to use. Basically all you have to do is invite some friends to play along with you on this number board game. The rules are pretty easy and straight forward to follow. You must make rows of at least three numbers using similar colours and tiles with numbers which equal the same amounts.

nummi::By 9 to 5 nummi::By 9 to 5

nummi screenshots













If making lines of consecutive numbers then you can use different colours but on the condition that they do match and add up correctly. There are numerous tabs on the right hand side of the screen which are self explanatory and help you to play the game such as shuffling the tiles.

All of the tiles are clearly colour coded so you know which to pick and place on the board. The tiles available to you are featured on the bottom of the screen so you can easily see them. You can create a great little profile about yourself and when you do invite some friends to play against there is a great little chat mode so you can talk to each other as you play.

The chat mode is very similar to a text messaging layout and very simple to use. The controls of the game are very straight forward to use with a touch screen and dragging method. I invited a friend to play and we both found it very addictive once we had started the game and it brought out a great sense of competitiveness in both of us and required us to think very strategically.

Whilst the graphics were very simple they were also very appealing and suited the game perfectly as anything more would have made the game confusing which would have compromised the players effectiveness to play the game as concentration is a must whilst playing.

If you really like a challenge then you can play multiple games at the same time. When playing you will receive various notifications to tell you when it is your turn, or if you lost a game or if you receive an invitation from another player to play against them.

Overall this is a fun app especially if you do like strategic puzzles games which present a challenge to compete against other people. Very enjoyable, easy to play and I would highly recommend this app.

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