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On the Wind

07 Aug 2013

On the Wind game review

I am a fan of games which are not only addictive but make me want to compete against myself in order to try and beat my own previous score. Taking these requirements into account, this game did just this and provided for my needs perfectly.

This is a graphically beautiful creation where the player must attempt to command the wind as it accumulates and holds bits and pieces which the environment throws at it.

Players must be quick with the controls on this game in an attempt to pilot the wind whilst it gradually becomes faster. The game can be compared to others with the only main difference being that the central character is the wind and not a person as such.

On the Wind::by David Buttress On the Wind::by David Buttress On the Wind::by David Buttress On the Wind::by David Buttress On the Wind::by David Buttress

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The game initially starts off very easily which is a well known trait of some of the more popular games. The player must pluck items from woodlands, taking them on an adventure trying to keep them all together whilst collecting further items on the way. The player must continue to do this as the wind progresses through spring, summer, autumn and winter. The graphics compliment the game perfectly with changes of the environments being made to noticeably suit the season which the player is currently in. The vibrant use of colours and changes to nature really enhance this.

In order to control the wind the player must keep touching and moving pressure on the phone as this is what makes the wind move. One feature of the game involves a lot of falling items from woodland which must be accumulated and then put back. If items are not caught in time or escape then this well result in the end of play.

During play if the wind is touched by a certain plant it helps the accumulated item caught at the time blossom into a beautiful flower and helps to increase the players score. When this occurs it is graphically beautifully as the flowers lights up the world. The player must be careful not to do this too often however as they may end up with no accumulated items and this will result in end of play again.

If you like games which make you want to play them over and over game, with require speed, quick automated responses and must attempt to beat the amount of points earned last time then this is the game for you.

Commands are simple with easy delicate contact motions on the phone and each motion will send the wind that way. The intensity of the movement controls can be altered to make a decrease or increase in velocity. There is the option to promote yourself in the game as you progress through play. Initially you start off as an apprentice but you can progress as you become more experienced and advanced.

This is a very friendly and agreeable game. The sound effects compliment the game superbly adding to the theme and atmosphere. It is calm, serene and sedate. Whilst I like the graphics I am not exactly over whelmed. I do however like the pastel textures and shadows and the calmness of the game.

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