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Open Field Echo Sounder

19 May 2014

Open Field Echo Sounder game review

If you are tired of the same old games that keep you sitting on a chair even when they offer edge-of-your-seat action but offer lot less than that, then this application is for you.

I am talking about Open Field Echo Sound. This great game combines digital with real world in an exciting way. The main target of the game is to race to GPS targets and it can be played anywhere in the world.

That is right, you merely go into an open field and based on sound only, you must locate GPS targets. Let me give you a little description of how it really works. You will find it pretty exciting.

Open Field Echo Sounder::By Bob Smolenski Web Design Open Field Echo Sounder::By Bob Smolenski Web Design Open Field Echo Sounder::By Bob Smolenski Web Design

Open Field Echo Sounder screenshots

So let´s begin with you at an open field, say, a football field, or a forest. You are all alone, your date did not show up, or you are just waiting for your parents to come pick you up. Kiss boredom goodbye with this one!

The first thing you do once you begin with the game is to select the size of a field. Do you have to give dimensions? Not really. You just swipe out for a bigger space, and swipe in for a smaller one. Nifty, huh?

Once you have selected the size of your space, the fun begins. Your second step is to place yourself in the middle of your outdoors space. Then you swipe left and the targets are placed. There are six GPS targets that will be located within the field you selected.

Your job is to find all six spots in the least time possible? Now, here is the tricky part. The way in which you will find these spots is not by visualizing anything. You will have to trust your hearing alone.

This is why it is recommended that you use headphones for this one. So you must tap on the screen in order to hear the sounds that will take you to your target. You can tap as many times as you wish. It is pretty exciting game if you ask me.

You can play this anywhere. This is a nice combination of technology with some kinesthetic activity. Picture yourself playing this game at the beach. You can run competitions with your friends to see who gets the best time.

Open Field Echo Sound can be a great alternative for a camping game in which teams are put together to compete for the glory. It can also be used for a training in which relying on the sense of hear only is put to the test.

This game will definitively be enjoyed by gamers of any age! The game is also thought for those who are visually impaired. There is a social aspect to the game since once you have found all six GPS targets, you can share your results via Twitter, you know, to brag a little.

Practice the game, try to become proficient at hearing cues and become a master at echolocation. Download this app now and let the games begin!

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