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Orion Attack pocket

20 Mar 2014

Orion Attack pocket game review

If you are looking for a full 3d - graphically appealing - "fast and blast" tower defence game, "Orion Attack" can give you many hours of pure fun with meticulously built levels, stunning audio tracks and strategic and challenging gameplay.

Alien invaders have come to steal all our gold and you, commander, are one of the few survivors who can stop them.

Prevent the steal of the ingots to win the match and unlock the next level and new features. Hundreds of waves.

Orion Attack pocket::By Tommaso Lintrami Orion Attack pocket::By Tommaso Lintrami Orion Attack pocket::By Tommaso Lintrami Orion Attack pocket::By Tommaso Lintrami Orion Attack pocket::By Tommaso Lintrami

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Thousands of ufos / ground troops / mystic aliens will flood your iPad Screen and only quick thinking and fast tapping will help. Player can adjust level of difficulty on the way, by reducing or increasing the game speed or changing the frequency of the waves arrival during the match.

There are thousands ways to solve the levels, the game strategy will be never the same, there are fixed path levels and open field levels to satisfy the more exigent tower defense players. Player can change the path of the invaders in real-time by adding new turrets or barricades.

Try to be quicker than their will to get your gold! Keep an eye to the energy consumption info bars on the bottom right to prevent your turrets are stopping shooting because you ran out of energy! Build the right number of Fusion Plants to avoid that your firepower get stuck.

Differently from other titles of the same kind, you can play previous levels with upgraded weaponry, to make a better score or to save all the gold, when player hasn't been able to do it with those weapons locked, giving more longevity.

Player will use crazy weapons like the proximity C4/nitro explosive barrel, which makes a huge explosion and shakes the ground. Mortars, lasers, phasers, rail guns, AA flak, missiles launcher, flamethrower, tesla towers are all at your disposal for frying those creeps!

There are brief cut scenes and a small storyline that unveils the real reason of their arrival, as far as you go with unlocking new levels. A female voice will warn when you are about to run out of energy or when just last three ingots are remained.

Game Center with medals, score leader boards and challenges to friends based on the scores or the achievements (iOS 6+). I would recommend this title because it is a "old-school" complete game that contains no pay-per-play or pay-per-unlock features, it features amazing openGL ES 2. 0 graphics, original orchestral music and three different environments( Desert, Urban, Forest ).

Lightmaps, strong use of batching, environment collisions for non-laser bullets, AI responsive path finding, grid building system and real time strategy are the key features of this new fast paced action/strategy tower defence title.

The game runs smoothly on all models of iPad thanks to fine tunings, testing and per-device optimizations. Orion Attack has been developed with Unity3D during 2012 by 9 people @Five Fingers, Tommaso Lintrami's an independent game developer studio.

Landed on the Appstore in October 2012.

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