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Otto Karotto

08 Mar 2014

 Otto Karotto game reviewOtto Karotto is a fun filled game available on iTunes with plenty of features which would be loved by children and according to me, it would be loved by some fun seeking adults.

The game is filled with some really cool features and is an entertaining one overall. Otto Karotto is a reaction game where you need to protect carrots on your farm. There are 10 carrots overall and a very bad and greedy rabbit named Otto.

Moreover, there’s a very nasty monster which is almost invincible and would quickly eat up all your carrots.

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Once, he gets out, you’re surely losing all your carrots as it eats out three carrots at one time and leaves no chance for you to save yourself. In a nutshell, you need to save your carrots from those nasty thieves.

The main objective is to stay in the game as long as possible and reach the top score. The game, though they say it’s specially designed for children, was loved by my complete family. In fact, we all play it on our individual devices every now and then.

There are three levels in the game Otto Karotto from which you can choose one for yourself. The rabbit keeps appearing up from the holes while having an eye on your carrots and you need to click on him to shoo him away as soon as possible.

You can try to shoo him away until the third ear appears out of the burrow. Once the third ear appears, Otto will run into your field and eat up the carrots, but still there’s a chance for you to save yourself by using a fox joker which can catch the rabbit if he is green zone.

But this can’t be done with monster since he is too strong. There’s one more special power – super tractor which can be used to shoo away all the animals in one go. The game gives you negative points too.

Don’t touch the moles. Otto Karotto is a game where your quick action skills would be tested. You need to act as soon as possible and earn more & more points. The best part of the game is that its ad free.

There would no more irritating ads or purchase requests which would spoil your gaming experience. The overall environment in the game is quite pleasing and anyone would love to spend lots of time playing this game.

According to me, Otto Karotto is one simple but quite well developed rapid reaction game that is not only a perfect choice for children, but also goes well with people of older age. I have been playing the game for a few days now and it works quite well.

The game is very much responsive and obviously, it’s fun to shoo away that bad rabbit and save those carrots just like one does in story tales. In case, you want some simple entertainment along with a small exercise to test how fast you can be, try Otto Karotto.

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