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Paint My Place

19 Apr 2014

Paint My Place game review

If you are going to paint your home, apartment, dog house or anything else that requires you to go to the paint store and pick out colors that you think will be the perfect fit for your job, then you really need to check out a great new app available on the iTunes store called Paint My Place.

This is such a magnificent idea for an app for the iPhone and iPad that I cannot believe someone did not think of this before.

This app allows you to pull up a list of paint colors that are actually for sale at the paint store, and then take a photo of what you are going to paint (or load from your photo gallery) and then apply that paint to the subject or object that will be painted.

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Paint My Place screenshots

This app is an ideal tool and an example of how a mobile app can provide real world benefit, and not just be a cute toy to play with on the bus. When you first start Paint My Place, you will be presented with a short series of selections, that guide you into selecting the right paint for your next home painting masterpiece.

You have the option to select from all the major paint brands, collections, colors, as well as roof and fencing options. This app is comes complete with a color range picker and makes it easy for you to make your selections.

When you are ready, you simply finalize your color selections and then choose a picture from your photo album, or you can take a new picture with your camera enabled iPhone or iPad. This app is fully optimized for the iPhone 5.

Once you have selected a picture, or taken a new picture using the camera, then you can start your magic and find out in advance if a particular color combination will work, prior to your actually buying the paint and potentially ruining your day.

I think this app is worth the money alone in the time saved before you go to the paint store and buy paint that you might not need, and because paint itself is expensive, you want to be a prepared as possible before such a big job.

The editing features include the ability to change the size of your paint brush to use on your image, as well as a paint eraser and a nice block tool that lets you select a rectangular area that you can paint in, so you can get pixel perfect painting done on your image, to get just the right look.

You can also create a selection block where everything outside the block gets painted… this is good if you have paintings on the wall, and you want to see what the paint job will look like if you are going to paint around and behind the object.

I am extremely excited about Paint My Place, I think it will be huge for those who need to do their research on what paint to use, and to get the perfect look for their home or office painting job before they actually go out and spend the money on the paint they plan to use.

As an additional bonus, the range of brands used in the application is huge. You can find any a paint brand and view color names and color definitions right in the app, just like you find at the store. Save yourself a lot of time and money and get this app, I highly recommend you give it a try.

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Download Paint My Place from iTunesDownload Paint My Place Youtube video from iTunes

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