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Parking Challenge 3D

12 Sep 2013

Parking Challenge 3D Lite game review

Parking Challenge 3D earns good reviews with respect to vivid picture clarity, superior sound quality, and smart game level designs.

Designed and developed by Dualcarbon, Parking Challenge 3D is the most challenging and exclusive apps, presented in 3D perspective. If you are fond of driving and love to take challenges, you will definitely love this game.

The app is all about driving and parking four different vehicles, having real-like physics, through multiple bends and turns, without bumping onto the pavement or other objects in your way.

Parking Challenge 3D Lite::By Dualcarbon Parking Challenge 3D Lite::By Dualcarbon Parking Challenge 3D Lite::By Dualcarbon Parking Challenge 3D Lite::By Dualcarbon

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This is the standard game mode, and if you are looking for something even more challenging, the Xtreme 4x4 mode is worth playing. This one-of-a-kind game has been designed to be extremely user friendly, with simple and intuitive control system, while delivering utmost excitement and challenge.

To play the game, use the joystick to steer left and right, and press the pedal to brake and accelerate. Using your joystick, you have to drive and park four different vehicles, from a standard car to a larger sized bus.

They have real features, and you have to drive through bends and turns to park the vehicle without bumping onto the pavement or any other object on the way. It is real challenge driving through different obstacles, and parking your vehicle in the space allotted, in the most skillful manner.

In each level, you will be guided by effective mapping system that helps you locate the turns and obstacles ahead. If this sounds pretty easier for you, go for the more challenging Xtreme 4x4 mode. In this mode, there is no road to drive.

The goal of this game mode is to drive the 4x4 jeep from the starting point to the finishing point, without falling off. This is an extremely challenging game and requires great driving skill to get your vehicle to the finishing point without having a road to drive through.

What you will simply love about this app is its superior graphics and sound quality, with audio-visual support for mapping. The game-play rules are simple, and you can play in shorts bursts or enjoy the fun of playing in marathon.

There are 12 levels in the Lite version. You have the option to pause the game and skip the level. The game controls and instructions are same for all the levels, with each level becoming more difficult to crack through.

The smart level design of Parking Challenge 3D is much better and improved from earlier versions or any other app in the category. Parking Challenge 3D is available for free on Android smartphone. People have been waiting from such a challenging app on their Android smartphones for long, and now they get the opportunity to indulge into absolute madness.

What is really good about this game is high-quality graphics and sound system. The steering capabilities, with enhanced game control systems, are also worth appreciating. The game is one of its kinds, with smart level designs, intuitive controls, and easy-to-follow rules that make it just perfect for anybody to play.

No complex system requirements, no waiting for hours to download the app. Simply install it in few seconds on your Android smartphone, and start playing. It’s that simple.

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Download Parking Challenge 3D Lite from iTunesDownload Parking Challenge 3D from Android market

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