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Picnic Wars

06 Nov 2013

Picnic Wars game review

Picnic Wars is a game of fortress destruction where the player will assume the character of a fruit or a vegetable and attempt to demolish the oppositions building.

This is achieved by throwing a variety of items at the castles in an attempt to cause chaos and devastation. If I am honest I can not see how the subject of a picnic relates much to the content of the game but on account of how crazy the game is I did not dwell on this too much.

There are other elements to the game play other than throwing fruits and vegetables at the enemy. A player must command of up to five launchers on an isometric grid.

This is done so by moving the launchers vertically and horizontally along the grid to aim at the opposition. The launchers can be enhanced which will enable them to make the items launched be extra powerful.

Picnic Wars::by Crown ADAM Picnic Wars::by Crown ADAM Picnic Wars::by Crown ADAM Picnic Wars::by Crown ADAM Picnic Wars::by Crown ADAM

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Whilst the player is attacking with their launcher, the enemy in turn will be catapulting items at the said launcher in an attempt to demolish it. The game is further enhanced with a timer on each assignment further adding to the excitement and making play feel adrenaline filled compared to other games of the same genre.

In order to obtain items to fire, these must be cultivated by the use of seeds. Individual items will have its own number of seeds needed and time required to grow according to its power. At the start of game play the player is allocated a certain amount of seeds but further seeds can be attained if the player aims accomplices at strewn seed bags with are found inside the oppositions fortress. There are various alternative powers properties to the missiles. For example, there is a garlic which can change into a crowd of smaller garlic bombs towards the cabbage which in turn becomes a bomb on a timer. The players are rated upon a basis of their quickness, item accumulation and the amount of demolition caused.

I consider Picnic Wars creates not only an entertaining but assorted game play basis. There is a large variety of fruits and vegetables to cultivate, most of which are accessible throughout the various stages of the game. I considered the isometric view to be not only very enjoyable but essential to the game play as at times the opposition is not in view until particular areas are destroyed so the view allows the player to be strategic when taking their moves. In another respect however the isometric view can slightly hinder the game play. Controlling may become difficult in areas where the player has to slightly move the projectiles to just gently make contact on others resulting in loss of time.

A difficult version of the game is also accessible allowing the player to go through all the stages with various items. The difficult version will optimise the chances of successfully achieving projectile demolition and will also take away the targeted goals which will result in it becoming more challenging for the player to correctly fire. I preferred the difficult version as it presented more of a challenge with higher levels of complication that were not included in the simpler versions.

From a visual sense, Picnic Wars presents a vibrant bright animation type of game which compliments the game story. The game visually appears more enhanced on retina iPhones compared to the new ipad. Whilst personally I was not impressed with the sounds used within this game, I do consider them to emulate the wackiness of the game. Also noticed was the amount of time it took to load between stages which whilst it was not too long, was still noticeable. 

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