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Pinch Peeps

10 Apr 2014

Pinch Peeps game review

I am a fan of traditional games particularly ones which are stripped down to the bare essentials and this is exactly what we have here. Throughout the whole of the game there is only one method required and that is to continually pinch your fingers together.

As the title of the game reveals this is a game in which the player much go around pinching and pairing together adorable little cartoon creating which drift into play from above or below.

They have to be pinched in rather a hurry or they will vanish and the energy of the player drops in certain levels where there are energy meters. Every continuous pinch in which you manage to achieve will result in you raising your multiplier. You must discover a way to keep the flow of pinches consecutive in order to keep succeeding.

Pinch Peeps::by Everplay Interactive Pinch Peeps::by Everplay Interactive Pinch Peeps::by Everplay Interactive Pinch Peeps::by Everplay Interactive Pinch Peeps::by Everplay Interactive

Pinch Peeps screenshots

The faster you can pinch the characters with one another the higher the score you will achieve. A direct smash will provide you with a higher score rather than just a sweeping hit. Connecting the pairs as fast as you can in consecutive moves will give you a higher multiplier so the key is the faster you pair the characters the more points you get.

The modesty of the game is a positive particularly in the realm of smart phone games. Several games can become confusing or disappear in a confusing command system and too many methods which can become quite annoying for the player.

Two different stages are available within the game. One is on “Timed” and the other is “Endless”. The first stage allows you 99 seconds to achieve a high a score as you can. The endless stage gives you three chances. These can be used up if you don’t make a connection or you allow a bomb to go off.

On the “Timed” stage you allow allowed just 60 seconds to pair up all the characters. You can get bonus prizes if you manage to do this promptly and for pairing the required quote in consecutive moves. Your fingers will certainly be working over time on this stage on account of it being timed. There is also a move called the “Perfect Pinch” and if you manage to do one of these you will get an even higher score.

The timed stage is a pleasant quick game but not as much as a challenge as the Endless stage as this really does present you with more of a challenge and I find is more entertaining. As previously mentioned you are given three chances and you can lose one of these every time you do not successfully make a match or hit a barrier. There are also more explosives in this stage which you need to separate rather than connect to prevent them from going off. The barriers are thin bars that can alter in appear and travel around the screen. These are super trick to get past once they start to move so you will need to become familiar with the stage.

As you successfully finish each part of the Endless option, you will see a large character accompanied by lots of little characters. You will have to make contact with these in a particular order to get a reward. If you manage to do this then you get to the next stage which is more of a challenge than the one you have just missed.

The commands are spot on and instantly recognise which character is about to be pinched regardless of the fact that there can be many more characters on the screen at the same time.

Again, the player will be confronted with explosives and it is their job to separate these to prevent them from exploding.

This game is fantastic with a high entertainment value which can be appreciated by both children and grown ups. The illustrations are bold and beautiful and is accompanied by a lovely sound track which certainly makes this game a leader against other games of this genre. If what you want is a simplistic arcade game, then this is the one for you.

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