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04 Sep 2013

PipeWords game review

Are you a fan of word games?

You just cannot bear being challenged by words. All you want to do is to flaunt your excellent vocabulary and word power. If you are a person of such type, there is one game that you must try. Can you guess the name of this amazing and one-of-its kind game? It’s PipeWords.

May be you don’t get fascinated by word games. In that case, you can still play this game as a puzzle game.

PipeWords::By Dream Boy Studios PipeWords::By Dream Boy Studios PipeWords::By Dream Boy Studios

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Even if you are not into gaming, you would still enjoy the game for this is one very addicting and interesting game. PipeWords is not at all like other word games present in the market. It is different and unique.

The actual mission of the game isn’t solving the puzzles of words; the mission is to solve the plumbing problem in the factory by using your word power. You need to build a path consisting of pipewords from the faucet in the factory to the drain.

You would have to make sure that the water keeps flowing else you will get in serious trouble and lose the game. Do you think this is all? PipeWords is unique because it has some extra features that are usually not present in normal word games or puzzles.

The first feature is of course the mission of the game. This intense game would provide you with complex and tough puzzles which you would need to solve to keep the piping system of the factory working.

The second and the most favorite feature of the game are the ‘secrets’. There are hundreds of surprises in the game which you would discover as you play. Each level has a number of secrets which need to crack.

And this isn’t that easy. Do you think you can win only by making new words? You are totally wrong as there are several tricks and traps that would try to stop you and make you lose. You would need to tackle them in a planned way.

Just making words won’t be enough; you have to do this job in a very clever way. The hard mode of the game is really very challenging and cannot be cracked easily. The best feature of the game is its interface.

Besides being attractive and beautiful, there is an option for custom interface that is specially designed for left-handed players. There are not many games in the market that provide this feature. The feature makes the gaming much more comfortable to the left handed people.

Are you still not sure? PipeWords is one game which provides you with an unforgettable and amazing experience for it are loaded with challenges and surprises. As soon as you complete challenge, another surprise is there to welcome you.

There is no end to them. The people who have considered word games to be boring must try this game for this is certainly going to change their perception and people who actually love word games, this is what you would ever want.

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