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Play with Photos - Vinmein

01 Mar 2014

Play with Photos - Vinmein game review

Play with photos is a new game that joins the league of multiplayer turn based games like Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends and Draw Something.

It resembles Draw Something all the more because one opponent sets the game and level for the other. The game is available free on Android, iPhone and iPad. So what's the core of the game? Play with photos is all about photo puzzles and solving them.

One opponent creates photo puzzles (either from those given by the game or from Facebook or camera roll) for the other and the other opponent solves them within a limited period of time.

Play with Photos - Vinmein::By Dinesh Vadivel Play with Photos - Vinmein::By Dinesh Vadivel Play with Photos - Vinmein::By Dinesh Vadivel Play with Photos - Vinmein::By Dinesh Vadivel Play with Photos - Vinmein::By Dinesh Vadivel

Play with Photos - Vinmein screenshots

In fact, in the first screen of introduction, it is told - "Send photo puzzles of your favorite photos". The instructions are placed in the beginning and offer important tips, which help you through the game.

As a personal opinion, it is good for games to have such tutorial screens or sessions, For those who have played any of the above games, the user interface and screens will look familiar. Bold use of colors, lively and animated screens make the game very intuitive and attractive.

The game is also very enjoyable and feature-rich. Tight integration with Facebook allows you to bring your Facebook friends to the game and also to turn your Facebook album photos into puzzles in the game.

There is a feature called Market within the game, where you can exchange the points you earn in the game for items called lifelines. These lifelines are helpful to the player when he is solving a puzzle.

The three lifelines included are fixing the corners, preview the puzzle and get more time to solve. Another piece in the game is the hall of fame where you can see how you rank amongst your friends and all players in the world playing the game.

It is the overall package that is so unique in the game. Rich visuals, compelling features well tied together in an interesting game of puzzles, that's how one can summarise the game. When we asked the creators of Play with Photos for motivation, they say „It’s time to revive photo puzzles.

Today we have LTE speeds that allow us to consume rich media. We shouldn't play with alphabets anymore. We are taking it to the next level. Photo puzzles are interesting, even more when played with memorable photos".

Having a modest look at the game and after playing a few rounds, their goal seems to have been achieved. The game is well designed around the same objective. It is easy to create puzzles of your liking and solving them is also equally enjoyable.

Quite amazingly, the whole game was built by just two people working on this game on their weekend over a period of 3 months. For a game of this magnitude and gameplay, one has to rate it as highly commendable and enjoyable.

Overall, this game is addictive if you like playing puzzles and the social twist of playing with your friends makes it much more compelling. The creators also claim that a next version is in the works with more features to treat their players.

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Download Play with Photos - Vinmein from iTunesDownload Play with Photos - Vinmein iPad Free app download from iTunes Download Play with Photos - Vinmein Android free app download from iTunes

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