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Pop The Ball 2013

03 Dec 2013

Pop The Ball 2013 game review

Pop the ball 2013 is the craziest game 2013 has seen so far.

There are quite a number of pop the balls app going around in the app world, but none has made it even close to crazy as the Pop the Ball 2013 has. I’ve spent around 5 hours on it so far and am still going! The app has some good features and the style of creation itself is attractive.

A good job has been done on the graphics and responsively too gets a high-five. The iPad & iPhone only app consists of over 800 levels giving us prolonged hours of maximum fun.

Pop The Ball 2013::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Pop The Ball 2013::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Pop The Ball 2013::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Pop The Ball 2013::By Ulrik Motzfeldt Pop The Ball 2013::By Ulrik Motzfeldt

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Good, clean gaming for all ages, young and old alike. Some of the key features of this app are its new and improved full retina and iPhone5 support. Few of the codes and graphical errors in the previous version have been corrected, giving you some good gaming facility.

For those finding it hard to get past the difficult levels, there is also the newly added power up option that keeps you go on without halting. And the best part of the game is, you also get new hints every day to improve your skills and tackle the game.

Downloading it was easy and setting it up also didn’t take up much time. So what exactly is the objective of the game? As I played, it wasn’t that hard to figure this part out. The point of the game is to pop the balls, win packs, power ups and also gather points along the way.

You can also claim your reward at the end of every level or simply try again if you think you can perform better or if you want to score bigger numbers. Simple, clear and straightforward, the game is easy enough for anyone to play and tough enough to be challenging at the same time.

The app is big on the audio part and as you pop the balls, the triggering tone is inviting. You can also opt to mute it in public places and yet have the thrill of playing the game to the fullest thanks to the brilliant graphics of the picture in motion.

Unlike the other apps, I’ve noticed that the pop the ball app doesn’t mess with my phone or drain the juice out of my battery. It consumes just the right amount of power and after hours of gaming I’m still left with plenty of battery life to use the phone regularly.

The Poop the ball 2013 is suitable for any age and even your 3 year old kid will have a blast with it! You can play it anytime you want, irrespective of where you are and still enjoy the thrill of popping the balls.

Being an addictive app, it has given me long sleepless hours, but it was definitely worth it! Overall, the pop the ball 2013 is an excellent app that does exactly what it says- Pop the ball. Love playing it!

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