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25 Mar 2014

PostHarvest game review

If you want to get back to basics, you could go buy your food at a local farmers market, or if you truly want to go earthy, you might even try to grow food yourself.

Well, do not try that without first trying a new game for iPhone and iPad, that is available on the iTunes store for immediate download.

The new game is called Post Harvest, and it is an interesting and a new take on the genre of game, where you need to grab items from a moving platform, without taking the destructive items that can prematurely and quite abruptly put an end to the game.


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In Post Harvest, you play as a Farmer who has one purpose, and that is to take off all of the good foot items that have been harvested and exchange them for points and rewards. There are all kinds of goodies to pickup, which offer different point levels that help you to achieve a high score in the game and fame amongst your farming buddies on Facebook.

To do well in the game, you need to take items from your tractor conveyor belt, which offloads different harvested food items. For different items, there are different dollar values and rewards to collect.

There is a dollar value for all the veggies that you can pick off the conveyor belt, starting with potatoes and bronze potatoes. As a farmer just starting out, you are allowed to pick all the potatoes you can get your hands on, and you earn a little money for each potato that you successfully retrieve from the conveyor belt.

Once you earn enough money, you can go on to buy additional veggies that are put onto the conveyor belt, so you can expand your farmers market and make even more money. The trick in the game is to keep on making money, and then when you have enough money, to invest and get the ability to get more lucrative veggies to pick up and take to the marketplace and sell.

The better the veggie, the better price you will receive and the better powerups and rewards you will gain. There are also non-veggie items to pickup, things that might be found in the fields like, for example, bits of bone.

When you collect enough bones, you can construct a skeleton and then win the jackpot, which will help you upgrade so you can buy heaps more veggie types. The graphics in the game are really nice, and the game play is fun.

You have to be careful of the harvest bombs though because if you pick one of those up, you are dead and you have to restart the game. This is certainly a fun game for children and adults, and it is addictive due to the gradual harvesting upgrades that you can buy.

The game is not free, but the cost is reasonable and it certainly seems that the game makers put a good amount of thought and attention into the game. I recommend that you go check out this game, you just might dig it.

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