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Puzzle Lab

29 Jan 2014

Puzzle Lab game review

When it comes to games on the iTunes App Store, one of my favorite genre of the games available for download, are the puzzle games.

Partly this is because I have a long commute each day, and partly because I enjoy the activity of figuring out the puzzle. So it is always gratifying, when I run across a game that I can truly say is both enjoyable and challenging and at the same time a excellent time killer.

The latest game that I have had the opportunity to check out is called Puzzle Lab. This is an entertaining game for a number of reasons. Let's find out more.

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Most puzzle games I have played are usually quite linear, and although there are a few that truly excel in the gameplay, most of them have the same premise, which is to figure out the puzzle from level to level, and if you are not capable of solving the puzzle, then you not able to advance to the next level.

Puzzle Lab, is a little different in that it provides you several different ways to advance in the game, so that if your cerebral functions are not running at 100%, you can still play and enjoy the game to the end.

When you first start Puzzle Lab, the first thing they let you do is try your luck at the slot machine in order to win different game bonuses such as points, stars and other in game goodies. This is nice because you can win points and bonus items to help you get through the first level.

Puzzle Lab consists of five different categories of puzzles, each of which apparently tests a different portion of your brain. The first level called "Flow", is a basic connect the dots kind of game. It is appealing to play because of the way the designers of the game made the interface, by allowing you to connect dots by swiping with your finger across a grid of dots, testing your ability to see where the correct openings in the grid are, and this makes it easy and fun.

In the first set of levels where you connect the dots, there are 10 rounds. Once you complete the first 10 rounds you can advance to the next level called Memory, which is a memory matching level, where you need to remember the flash cards that have been shown to you for a few seconds.

This might not be the best level to play after a night out on the town, but it certainly will give your brain a little exercise. The next level is called Pattern, and like the second level, you cannot access to the level until you have either finished the previous levels or have obtained enough bonus items within the game to progress forward.

After a period of time, you will have accumulated bonus items and points, and if you are feeling lucky you can decide to wager your winnings on the slot machine. There are additional levels that were not presented in the version of Puzzle Lab that I had downloaded, but the makers of the game have promised more levels coming soon.

This is a fun game, certainly a good time killer, and if you want to test out your visual cognitive abilities and impression of friends, then this is the game to get.

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