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Raid Leader

25 Nov 2013

Raid Leader game review

The game is about saving a princess from King Belfanof, who has taken over Eldentir. The characters have to fight through a land of evil that needs to be cleansed.

Your task is to go through the game with a team of 3 characters (Knight, Hunter, and Priest) against a series of bosses; each character has his own strength and weaknesses, which you have to consider in order to succeed in killing the 15 bosses.

From the very start you have to make the right choice, on which character you spend your gold on, to make the best of the game. The money can be used to gain power, experience or perks, and money is earned after each fight. 

Raid Leader::by Crescent Moon Games Raid Leader::by Crescent Moon Games Raid Leader::by Crescent Moon Games Raid Leader::by Crescent Moon Games Raid Leader::by Crescent Moon Games

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Your success in the game depends on what choices you make when upgrading, and on how well you perform. Raid Leader is set around fighting through a number of 15 bosses with a team that consists of a hunter, a tank and a priest. The characters are controlled by drawing paths on the screen for them to move about. Keeping all the team alive is very important, in case one of the players dies; your chances of completing the task are quite slim. Playing with 3 characters is always a challenge, since you have to focus on several items at the same time.

Each character you choose has different types of abilities or weapons to fight with. The knight starts off with a sword, he is the tank who gets close to enemies and smashes them. The hunter with the bow and arrow prefers to handle his enemies from a distance, the priest cannot hurt anyone, he has healing abilities, and making sure everyone stays alive.

Considering that this is a strategy RPG, the graphics of Raid Leader are neatly done. The cutscenes and objectives of the game have an animated look to them. In addition the in-game graphics look pretty well too. The animation and characteristics are very genuinely done; the combat animation and spells work pretty well, the characters do not have the same mannerisms, while the colors fit together perfectly.

Each setting is themed around the boss and no two bosses is alike, just as well as the other parts of the game, which makes the setting and environment a unique experience. The environment is a unique sight as well, looking tremendously good, even though they could have completed it with a little detail to it.

Raid leader is a solid RPG that has a smooth game play which promises a lot. If you are a somewhat casual player, not too familiar with RPG’s, the game can be quite a challenge. I would have preferred more in-depth story to this game, instead of just text between pages. Once you get used to how it all works, this game will be super fun to play.

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