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Rail x Rail Train Set

09 Apr 2013

Rail x Rail Train Set game review

Get on your train engineer's hat, because now it's time to hit the rails with the new game that is a surprising amount of fun for all of you who enjoyed playing with toy train sets as a kid, or even as a young at heart adult.

The game I am talking about is called Rail x Rail, and it is a virtual toy train set available for the iPad and downloadable from the iTunes Store.

The app is free, so you can download it in dive right in. The basic premise, is that you have a train, a set of train tracks, and the town that the train runs through.

Rail x Rail Train Set::By Loy Enterprises, Inc. Rail x Rail Train Set::By Loy Enterprises, Inc. Rail x Rail Train Set::By Loy Enterprises, Inc. Rail x Rail Train Set::By Loy Enterprises, Inc. Rail x Rail Train Set::By Loy Enterprises, Inc.

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The town ask as a depot center for various tasks, for example, you need to transport cargo from one point to another. The game is comprised of these cargo transport missions. To get around town, there are placed train switches placed along strategic points along the track that switch the rails so that you can change directions and cause the train to follow a different track path.

While the train is moving around the town, the screen will automatically rotate and move your center review over where the train is currently traveling. As you watch the train travel along the tracks, you look ahead of the train to the next switch point, and you can press the track indicator, which will switch the track at the switch point.

By using the switch points, you can cause the train to perform different missions. The gameplay is surprisingly good, very similar to actually using a real train set. There is also a couple of points on the track which will reverse your train direction, provided you switch the tracks in the right position and guide your train into the section of the track which will trigger the action to make your train switch directions.

While you are operating your train, you have to be careful to make your settings quickly because the train is always moving around and you do not have too much time to figure out the correct track switch point settings before the train comes around.

This kind of game play is enjoyable and is somewhat mesmerizing as you watch the train circle round and round again. There are also plenty of options to customize your train, and to build new ones. A built-in tutorial helps you to learn the game, how to build your trains including engines and boxcars.

There are also additional trains that you can purchase via in app purchase, but there are several different styles of trains to choose from including steam and electric motor. At the bottom of the gameplay window, there is also a backdrop that is customizable that allows you to view your train up close while the train is actually traveling along the tracks.

While this game may not be for everyone, it certainly should please kids who like trains as well as adults who like trains.

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Download Rail x Rail Train Set from iTunes

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