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Rinth Island

15 Oct 2013

Rinth Island game review

Rinth Island is probably one of the best platform games I have played and currently available on the market for the iOS. It is jam packed with entertaining and mind teasing decision making options.

This fun experience is so exciting it adds to the games intrigue with so many features packed into the 60 stages of play. More complicated modes of play are steadily introduced as the game progresses.

All of this action happens on a very big 3d construction which manoeuvres during game play.

The central characters in the game are a man named Gimble or a female character named Libby. It is up to the player to decide which character they would like to be.

Rinth Island::by Buzz Monkey Software Rinth Island::by Buzz Monkey Software Rinth Island::by Buzz Monkey Software Rinth Island::by Buzz Monkey Software Rinth Island::by Buzz Monkey Software

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The task in hand is to help the village of Landingport reconstruct itself after it is attacked by a massive natural disaster (storm). Stock which has been misplaced must be found, people that have been hurt must be helped or simply by helping to solve the mysteries of Landingport. Whatever the task is in hand there is certainly a lot to be achieved.

The assignments are quite easy, the player must get the character they choose to go through a stage of the game and collect an article. To start with a lot of the actions are quite similar in line to other traditional platform games such as having the push items and climb up things. However, what makes this game different is the fact it revolves during game play. As opposed to being played on a flat surface the game moves around in a spindle movement. This gives the player excellent lines of vision and the ability to go backwards. The movements of the spindle become the main point the player concentrates on and becomes both a creative and entertaining form of play.

The characters within the game and the surrounding in which the game is played are portrayed in vibrant, clear 3D mode but manoeuvres happen in a 2D area. The over exaggerated characteristics of some of the characters are bright and the various surroundings keep the games new and entertaining to investigate. There are funny animations too which occur along the way such as the character turning to wave at the player if they stop for a few seconds.

The levels are separated by different sections on a map. There are six assignments within each section and each of the six assignments contact five levels. One of the main attractions to this game has to be the huge assortment of different aspects this game actually has. The range is immense offering new features to the puzzles including explosives, machinery that shoots articles and various rotating items. A few of the stages are quite intellectual where use of concentration and problem solving is vital. In addition to this some levels are on a timer so the player must use their wits and be as quick as possible. Whilst the game may be difficult at times, it never ceases to be entertaining.

There are two ways in which to command the central character. By use of arrows or by using a sliding method. By using the arrow commands it works in the same way as any other typical handheld game. The slide command’s move the person as long as the player keeps contact in place pointing in the way they wish the character to move. Either way in which the player wishes to control their character offers the choice of special functions to use certain items such as letting go of explosives and turning switches. Arrow commands are more suitable to the iPad although either choice of play is great and works well for manoeuvres.

Illustrations are fantastic and beautifully bold and colourful whilst the sound effects compliment the game extremely well. The characters are fun and adorable. For players who really get into the game and are willing to put the time and effort in, they will find that there is the option to dress your character also. Overall this is a fantastic game which is unique and extremely entertaining.

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