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Roach Smasher

15 Feb 2014

Roach Smasher game review

Squishing bugs. Squishing more bugs.

Squishing even more bugs! This is essentially the premise of Cocky Roach HD. While you are squishing bugs, you also have to be careful not to break the glass for which the bugs are crawling on, i. e. your iPad screen.

If you try to squish a bug, and you miss the bug but instead hit your iPad screen, a small crack or hole will appear in the glass.

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If you tap too many times, the glass breaks (not literally thank goodness) and game is over. I downloaded Roach Smasher app for free from the iTunes store, installed it and fired it up. Did it meet my expectations?

Or was this another app in the "does not get used much" drawer? Let’s find out if squishing bugs is fun or not. Ok, so the first thing to know, is that you need a fast tap finger. Tapping the screen on your iPad quickly and accurately is how you win in this game.

Of course, you have to tap accurately, or you will break your screen. First cracks and holes will appear when you go to tap a bug to squish it to oblivion, but fail to make contact with the bug. To make things entertaining, the game makers introduce different size bugs, and even different size insects, bugs and other nefarious small creatures that you do not to have crawling on your iPad screen.

You start out on level 1, and as you squish more bugs and don't crack the screen, you level up to even more creepy crawlers. As those little critters come out, they eat heart shaped icons that pop up on your screen.

You need to squish the bugs before they eat the hearts. If you fail to keep the bugs munching on your heart, then those little buggers split in 2 or more and get smaller and faster. After a time, there will appear other icons such as a golden star.

The golden star will reset the condition of your glass from nearly broken to brand new and fix all your holes and cracks. Usually this golden star appears when your glass is close to breaking. You have to watch for the golden star and then tap it to restore your glass to new.

This kind of gameplay continues on until you finish all levels or until you break the glass. The high scores are recorded, and with the Game Center integration, you can see how you rank compared to your friends and the world.

Roach Smasher is a terrific game to play if you want to burn some time. I found the gameplay to be fast paced and attractive. Tapping the bugs out of existence may look a little strange to someone sitting next to you, but I bet if they started to play it, they would get hooked also.

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Download Roach Smasher from iTunes

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