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Robbery Bob

06 Aug 2013

Robbery Bob game review

Robbery Bob is a fantastic new release from the well known game makers Level Eight. This is an extremely good game with a high entertainment value and bright vibrant illustrations. 

As the player you control a character named Bob who is a corrupt man. He has just escaped from prison via the help of a secret mobster. The secret mobster asks Bob for compensation in return for helping him to escape from prison.

He orders Bob to rob a variety of things for him. You must achieve this by creeping past people and surveillance, trying to get keys to open doors which have been hidden in various different places and several other tasks.

Initially it will feel as if you are going over old ground but then the game will pop in some new features such as masquerades or events that will consume your attention for a certain amount of time.

Robbery Bob::by Level Eight Robbery Bob::by Level Eight Robbery Bob::by Level Eight Robbery Bob::by Level Eight Robbery Bob::by Level Eight

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To complete a stage precisely you must complete it without being noticed in any way and this must be achieved in a specific time whilst accumulating all of the bonus prizes.

The commands for manoeuvre are very easy to use and consist of virtual buttons and a joystick to move Bob around and perform various actions. You are able to quickly run for short periods of time but this is quite tricky as people can hear you compared to when you creep around normally as then no one will hear you. The game can be compared to the genre of the classic popular game Spy Mouse. There have been a few issues which people have mentioned with regards to the commands but I personally found them to be absolutely fine and stumbled across no problems whatsoever. Robbery Bob gets extra credit for me as being an excellent game and the reason for this is that during the half way mark of some of the stages there are checkpoints. Once reaching this part there is a fantastic fast forward button which is used when you have to pause to allow the other characters in the game to complete their rounds. I play and exam so many games in which I think they really could do with this type of thing so I was excited to find it here.

The commands are set in place at the bottom on the screen. In order to control which way Bob goes then you use the controls on the left side and to control the action then you use the controls on the right. Occasionally you will have to use the commands on the right when you need to escape quickly, remain unseen, or use one of your amazing Karate moves. The commands are very good and easy to use and to not get in the way too much which is good as it does not hinder your ability to see exactly what it is you are doing and where you are going. More importantly you can see where the opposition is at all times.

The sound effects are fantastic and throughout the game there are many realistic comical and captivating events. The game itself does not last particularly too long and at times you can feel as it you are doing the same things over and over again, but putting these points aside, I personally thoroughly found it great fun.

In comparison to games of this Genre, this one in particular is highly entertaining. The stages contain so much variety that you never get bored. Challenges presented increase at a steady pace so you don’t feel out of your depth too soon in the game. It is a gradual increase but still, the challenge is still there so you feel like you are being tested without getting bored. The game is very realistic and has enough moments to increase your adrenaline when you worry you may be captured.

The game is very comical and enhanced by its cartoonish qualities. There are some very hysterical moments contained without the game. These moments can be something contained within the game content itself or an action which you personally may have to perform. If delightful cartoon style games are something which appeal to you, then I would certainly recommend Robbery Bob.

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