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Rocket Riot

12 May 2014

Rocket Riot game review

Traditional classic games are just what I like. At the beginning of each stage you get the full whack of what the game involves and is very similar to the genre of game from the NES generation.

As the focus of the games gets closer and emphasises the graphics you will see that what you thought were 2D graphics are actually 3D graphics.

It really is very impressive and further heightened by the fact that each stage can be demolished by your missiles and the game will burst into a tremendous spark of pixels.

The main character appears in the form of a missile that has several rocket type features for his limbs as well as numerous rocket firing gadgets. His main mission is to locate a pernicious pirate who goes by the name of Blockbeard. All of the other characters which feature in the game can fly around on account of their rocket features.

Rocket Riot::by Codeglue Rocket Riot::by Codeglue Rocket Riot::by Codeglue Rocket Riot::by Codeglue Rocket Riot::by Codeglue

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The main aim of this game is to zoom around a stadium of a rocket pack trying to eliminate the opposition with your firing gadgets. In addition to the opposition you are more than capable of demolishing anything else that gets in your way. Everything contained within the stage can be destroyed. You also have the power to fire through walls creating holes but this will not ultimately mean the stage is over as the wall can fix itself after a short while.

The game is very similar to a double joy stick firing game with the only difference being that you scroll from side to side and not from the top looking down. The character is very easy to control with the playing just having to use their left thumb to move him and to shoot they use their right thumb. The commands are very simple to follow and use.

There is a variety of three different command packages to choose from but personally the virtual stick set up seemed to be the easiest option to go for on account of its more natural manoeuvres .

The stages each have a different scene background and also include a really good fight scene. The difference varieties of different scenes include science labs, industrial buildings, electronic boards, haunted houses and large pirate vessels. The stages are very flattering and fun to play on and create the impression that they have been constructed from Lego. The story content surrounding the evil Blockbeard does connect these themes and the stages but personally I do not think there was a need for this and the game would have perfectly sufficed without them.

Once the player manages to finish a level they will provided with a variety of scores to show how many opposition they have killed, shots fired, blocks demolished, scores and such like. The player will then be awarded a rocket from either one to three and the rocket awarded will depend on how well the player rates in the kills, shots fired etc.

All in all there are 48 stages which are a combination of four alternative modes. The first mode is “Death Match” and is a stadium battle with everyone basically let loose in it. The second mode “Destroy the object” is aimed at the player firing particular objects whilst also firing at the opposition. The third mode “Rugby Riot” involves the player getting a soccer ball and then attempting to dash around the enemy and then attempt to get the ball in the other sides goal. The final mode is an excellent battle scene where you must combat against really huge rivals such as Blockbeard. The opposition in this level seem a lot more intelligent and will attack you in larger numbers. The main opposition characters you have to fight really do present you with a touch challenge.

There are numerous bonus items for you to accumulate throughout the game which will give you extra energy. You will find the ones you expect in any game such as extra ammunition and energy but also you will find brightly coloured blasts or missiles which will ricochet around the stage hitting numerous items and oppositions. You can accumulate some really powerful bonus prizes and once you have done this you can really make a head start in demolishing the stages.

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