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15 Apr 2014

Roll-Up game review

Roll-Up, developed by Krokusgames, is a new and fun and unique and exciting game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod.

The idea begins with pinball and Doodle jump game, and why not make both together? This is why we have create Roll-Up, a nice animated doodle which goes higher and higher with bumpers and flippers.

It was very difficult to develop or create the algorithm which allowed an animated doodle to go up with a flipper, sometimes he passed the flips or sometimes he don’t recognize the flips and after a long job our coder has done it correctly.

Roll-Up::By Schwab Christian Roll-Up::By Schwab Christian Roll-Up::By Schwab Christian Roll-Up::By Schwab Christian Roll-Up::By Schwab Christian

Roll-Up screenshots

Blending the endlessness of Doodle Jump with the reflex-based swiftness of pinball, Roll-Up is definitely an entertaining game to play. Play it so as a pinball game but we have add the accelerometer which you can’t find in a pinball game so you have the possibility to avoid the monster or the vortex.

Instead of your character advancing upwards on his own, you have to assist him via tree branches , flippers. There are also mushrooms who help you to jump higher and higher. You will discover our four nice monsters, Groutsh, Badar, Flator, and Uglor, all are animated and done in high definition design.

To kill them you must touch them from down to up, if you fall on them Roll-up die. You can use along your journey flippers (branches) or bumpers to reach new heights and high-scores. Along your journey you will find the vortex which swallowed Roll-Up, also discover the mega-jump along your way which gives you a lot of fun and gives Roll-Up a new push to limits.

The monsters and characters appears randomly so you don t find the game too annoying and gives every time new possibility to go higher and higher. All the graphics are great and done in HD. We are currently working on a nice music and sounds for Roll-Up.

The pinball game-play style is definitely fun and really tests your reflexes. It’s probably the first endless pinball game with an animated doodle (Roll-Up)Also, Roll-Up features integration with the Game Center, this gives you access to a global leader board.

In a near future we will add more characters and add more backgrounds and also animated backgrounds. It’s only the beginning of the story of Roll-Up, in a near future the game will receive a great evolution to be one of the best games available.

If you like pinball games and Doodle jump style games then this game is definitely for you, already today thousands of players like it and play it regularly, Roll-up is definitely the game you need on your phone to spend quality time.

You can play this game everywhere you go on a metro, bus, car, waiting area, etc... Roll-Up is really creating something special and unique. So download Roll-Up today and see what the entire new buzz is about.

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