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Run Roo Run

07 Oct 2013

Run Roo Run game review

This game revolves around a central character named Roo the kangaroo who resides in Australia. Roo has an acquaintance who is abducted and taken to a city where he is held until being taken to an enclosure.

Roo is clearly upset by this and begins a journey to hopefully succeed in releasing is friend. This is a two dimensional plat form game in the respect that the character walks in an attempt to get to the other side of the screen.

Once the character reaches the end of the screen it also means the level has been accomplished. When the level has been accomplished the player will go onto the next stage.

They game is quite similar to other current games out at the moment such as Angry Birds. The character moves by its own nature so there is very little to do in the way of commands.

Run Roo Run::by 5TH Cell Media Run Roo Run::by 5TH Cell Media Run Roo Run::by 5TH Cell Media Run Roo Run::by 5TH Cell Media Run Roo Run::by 5TH Cell Media

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Roo is a dedicated and valiant character, who despite a scary abduction having just taken place sets off on a brave mission in order to free his friend.

The kangaroo is always sprinting to the right of the screen so all is required of the player is for them to touch the screen and the correct time and Roo will leap, and navigate avoiding the hurdles in order to finish the stage. Once the first stage has been accomplished this will allow the player to progress to the second stage. Each stage will introduce different strengths and hurdles which the player will have to master. Each new strength has pleased me and increased my enjoyment levels as the stages progressed.

There are more challenges and hurdles as the game goes on making it an exciting adventure. Play is easy and straight forward. The character runs of its own accord from side to side consistently at the same speed. All the player has to do is touch the screen in order to make Roo leap at the necessary times. It is not as easy as it sounds however in respect that there are twenty stages in total and as each stage progresses new hurdles are introduced making it much more difficult to complete.

Each stage is played to a timer with a three tier reward scheme upon completion. If one stage can be completed with the Roo surviving the player will be present with the top reward. On each occasion that Roo losing a life the game goes back to the beginning of the stage. There are indications on the screen to point out previous leaps so these can be used as a guide. If a player does lose a life and has to return to the beginning of the stage, this is done easily and swiftly which is needed for a game of this genre. Bonus prizes are also obtainable throughout the game. If a certain stage is too difficult there are modes of transport on offer to help you surpass that stage or alternatively the speed of the stage may be reduced making it easier. There is also the choice to buy addition bonus prizes but these are not necessary to play the game.

The illustrations are very impressive with every item appearing like a 3d label due to the colouring of the out lines. It is very attractive. The sound effects used to compliment the game are very good also. The score cards and list of accomplishments are very strong and impressive. This is a very cheap app costing just one dollar. I would certainly recommend people to buy it. 

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