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Rush for gold California

23 May 2014

Rush for gold California game review

Who doesn´t remember California´s gold rush in 1848? Well, maybe you don´t.

Now there is a game that allows you to bring historical epic motives to this century. I am talking about Rainbow Games´s Rush for Gold: California. Get ready to have much fun in this entertaining strategy game that will keep you not wanting to stop. The main idea of the game is to have you build your own California town.

So, if you’re ready for a little hard work, you are in for this game! Now get ready to fulfill your American dream.

Rush for gold California::By Viktor Nikulin Rush for gold California::By Viktor Nikulin Rush for gold California::By Viktor Nikulin Rush for gold California::By Viktor Nikulin Rush for gold California::By Viktor Nikulin

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With stunning 3D graphics and 40 exciting stages, you will start getting your own gold treasure as you move on in the game. You can also play in all the four seasons, including the sunny California. There are many features to this game that make it pretty exciting.

There are two modes in which you can play. Try free play or challenge yourself to play with time and see how fast you are. But what is the game truly about? The central idea of the game is that you build a town and help citizens prosper.

Now, how will you build your own town? Exactly, with gold. So you are expected to work in order to find gold and help your town grow in wealth. But not only this; you need wood to build and of course you need crops.

Maybe you think this is rather easy simple dull. You might want to think again as the excitement to this game is added as on your search for gold you will encounter all types of obstacles. Watch out for wild animals as they will chase you and try to hurt you.

Run away from them and keep yourself safe. Unfortunately, wherever there is gold, there are thieves, so these are some thugs you might want to look after. But there is one thing you will have to overcome and cannot avoid: this is natural disasters.

They happen and they will here in Rush for Gold: California. But this does nothing but add more excitement to the game. It’s all about the strategy and the fun. This game is good for the whole family; it will definitively give everyone a fun time.

The game is easy to play and instructions on what to do as well as clues on where to find the gold are given. Every time you complete a stage you unlock the next one and so on. So get ready to build houses, hotels, build bridges, etc.

Of course, you´ll need to get some wood to do this. You´re in for some hard work, aren´t you. The game will give you a first stage in which you are given instructions on what to do. You will definitively not regret it.

This game provides a lot of fun and feels good when you play it. Just as me, you may also fall in love with Rush for Gold California. So download this game now and get into a fun way to do work.

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